How to build an m1a

how to build an m1a

Build a Custom Stock for the Springfield M1A

Apr 08,  · Hey everyone, welcome to the channel for another Escape From Tarkov video, this time going over my Top 3 M1A Builds. The M1A is an amazing weapon, and in the. Apr 20,  · Build Your Own M1A / M14 Video Series. Posted April 20, in Daily News by Nathan S with 5 Comments Tags: Build Your Own, DIY, m14, m1a, Match. If one were to search for how to build up an AR, a veritable smorgasbord of options would present themselves after a search. Almost all the noted YouTube personalities have a how-to video.

This local police officer had just stopped by my shop and dropped off his new-in-the-box Springfield Armory M1A with how to build an m1a budget restrictions. It served him well then and, until recently, was his agency's standard-issue long gun. Law-abiding citizens have even more options when it comes to giving their semi-auto M1A a makeover, and as a factory-certified armorer I just love working on and building up these rifles.

So now what? If you are one of the thousands who bought an M1A from Springfield Armory in the last few years, you might be considering this very question. Maybe you bought one to get ahead of possible gun restrictions, or maybe you just wanted the proven performance of America's timeless autoloading.

When comparing the M1A with the typical. For a little less money than your average. Before working on any project, I take an accuracy test as a baseline for performance improvements. Since I would end up comparing this rifle's performance with a scope in the end, I fitted the standard configuration with Springfield Armory's 4th Gen M1A scope how did tom mees die with front and rear Picatinny rail sections.

Two large thumbscrews attach this mount to the left side of the receiver. For consistency, Hornady ammo was selected to what is serum cotinine test five five-shot groups at yards. Not bad for a "standard" M1A. As some say, tan is the new black. This rail also works with both traditional wood and fiberglass stocks. In my experience, simply adding a BattleRail to hw M1A will usually produce improved accuracy because the user benefits from a more solid optics-mounting platform and one that's inline with the barrel.

If you decide to perform regular preventative maintenance to your rifle, it can be field-stripped without having to compromise the optic's zero. Once mounted, the BattleRail stays with the barreled action.

Uow this isn't the case with Avery's build. I also asked how to build an m1a Custom Shop to install its National Match barrel, give the trigger an NM tuning, then put it all together.

Fitting bow oversize McMillan stock, glass-bedding the action and tuning are how to make a sad face on keyboard using alt part of Springfield Armory's customization program.

Army's updated M14s. It is notable that traditionally configured M14s still stand in rifle racks aboard many U. For this build, I went with the full-inlet selection to minimize shop labor and waited a few weeks for the stock to arrive. Providing them with how to build an m1a the McMillan stock and rail system was especially important because the stock had to be relieved to accept Troy's BattleRail.

Weeks later, the rifle arrived. On inspection, I couldn't help t marvel at the cleanliness and fit of the glass-bedding job. And then there was the improved trigger. At four pounds, hoow it becomes addictive.

The finished product loosely resembled how to build an m1a M1A it once was. Before sending this rifle into service, I needed to perform one last test fire with the new Mark 4. Group sizes were cut in half or better on a few occasions with go overall average of. Today I can say I have. When the fundamentals of marksmanship are applied, this setup is certainly capable.

Better barrel, better stock fit, solid optic-mounting platform, improved trigger. I printed just one. Officer Avery's project represents the extreme to which you can take an M1A. Unlike these other rifle systems that require an all-in, up-front investment, you can still enjoy an M1A as you improve biuld incrementally. If you already have an M14 or M1A, consider seeking the mastery of men whose jobs are to work on these rifles every day.

For additional information, contact Springfield Armory What does ratchet mean in slang Shop,customshop springfield-armory. Due to the current backlog, expect to exercise months of patience. The wait is worth it. Small, lightweight and purpose-built for sub-compact carry guns, Surefire's XSC pistol light Given the growing penchant for shooters to include micro red dots on their semi-autos, Taurus Jeremy Stafford traveled to Gunsite Academy to compare the speed of stock sights against express, three-dot, suppressor-height and red dot sights.

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Feb 28,  · Support The Channel LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBEHey Guys, welcome to the channel, and thanks for watching the vid! Loads more to come! Twitter - Sep 24,  · When comparing the M1A with the typical AR-type rifle, you have to agree that it's a great buy. A standard model goes for $1, at retail, and the SOCOM 16 starts at $1, For a little less money than your averagebased AR, you get all the battle-proven reputation of the M14 and an aftermarket ready to personalize your M1A at. Mar 09,  · SEI and Warbirds are your best bet for a custom build. Build on an LRB receiver or SAI M1A receiver. You can also buy a Chinese M14 and customize it. The only way to stay under $ would be to go with the Chinese M14 and even then it is doubtful. Buy a new SAI M1A .

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Ballistic Artist Private. PX Member. Jan 3, 88 0 32 socialist republic Kalifornia. I've been thinking about a semi auto sniper rifle. The M1A platform is my favorite. My question is would it be better to aquire all the parts: barrel, reciever, bolt and all the other stuff and build it or would it be as well to buy a Springfield Armory national match and put a trick stock on it.

I figure the prices would be close but am I really going to get an accuracy advantage by building one? I am a gunsmith so building one would be possible without having to pay someone to do it.

Any suggestions? Jul 19, 31 40 Sanford, NC. Not accurized at all. If you want to absolutely have one just buy the springfield and throw it in a stock. Or get a plain jane M1A to play with and it you want a accurate semi just build a ar variant. Ianski Sergeant PX Member. Apr 15, 0 33 Parker, CO.

If you want to get better than 2 MOA out of your M1A it needs to be glass bedded or be in an aluminum chassis. I suggest the aluminum chassis because it will lock up tight and hold Glass bedding is great, but eventually will break down.

I have a sage EBR chassis and it's great. With the tension screw in the fore end you can tune your barrels harmonics which further helps your accuracy. Also, another large player in your accuracy is your optics mounting system. The Sage Chassis allows you to use a Cantilever type mount. The 2 best are made by Sage themselves and Larue. The Cantilever mounts tend to hold zero better than the traditional style 2 or 3 point side mount systems as well as getting rid of square to bore-line issues.

The M1A will be more expensive to make accurate than an average AR10, but there is something nostalgic about the M1A platform that just pulls me in.. The M1A is a tough horse to break, but it is worth it in the end!

Good luck and keep us updated with what direction you go!! Oct 27, 0 43 Riverside, CA. Current production M1A's have spotty QC, this alone keeps me from owning one again the one I had had issues too.

May 13, 11 46 Mississippi. Started as standard SA in a standard Sage stock. Now I fitted a Barrnett full heavy barrel,lapped the lugs and did a NM trigger job. I finished it with OD Duracoat and a Atlas bipod. Feb 22, 17 35 Florida. I have owned 3 springfield M1A's and their QC is hit or miss. Ultimately it comes down to how much you want to spend. Building it yourself won't be any cheaper if you want to use quality parts like the LRB receiver. Feb 7, 63 0 My Socom 16 is at springfield right now for repairs.

Op rod bent and firing pin is mushrooming because the metal is to soft. While my gun never had any malfunctions, I do think they have some QC issues. So far they have been very easy to work with and have had my gun for about 2 weeks. If you do build one, be careful, they can be very addictive! Tactical22 Sergeant PX Member. Sep 20, 0 32 SC. That's what I would do if I were going to do what you want to do, but I personally wouldn't do what you want to do.

I'd buy a GAP Sep 30, 1, 96 South Georgia. You will save a TON of money and agrivation. You will also have a MORE accurate rifle in the end. Jun 16, 9 Texas. I have a springfield standard in an EBR chassis.

Really made a huge difference in handling and accuracy. If i had to do it again i would build from scratch. Oct 1, 9, 17, Dallas, TX. Mar 25, 12 0 43 Camp Pendleton. I first bought a NM M1A from Springfield but soon came to realize that the side mounting bracket that is required for a scope is the achilles heel for shooting sub MOA.

They are great for what they are and that is not a precision rifle. Feb 2, 0 I put a scope on it a decided it would be my DMR. Then I tried zeroing it. Fuck that noise. And with the 20" barrel upper you can actually have a sniper setup with it for sure, since everything after that is good glass up top and your skill behind the trigger.

Much more capable and user friendly than an M14 platform. Mine was a sexy looking stick, but after taking it to the range a few times, that was all it had going for it. I do like the Knights SR And the living in cali thing aint a big deal. I can get around all the bullshit and get an AR platform and have it without the cali button Oct 23, 1, 8 61 So.

In my experience with both Garands and M14s, each of those two variables is worth almost a 1 MOA reduction in group size. Permanent mods to the gas cylinders usually brings them down the rest of the way to 1 MOA. If that's precise enough for you, fine. The legendary wearout of glass bedding is often over-stated. Tear the action out of the stock only for the once a year deep cleaning, and the bedding will last longer than your barrel. I can't speak to the metal-to-metal hightech pig stocks, but they reportedly work just like glass bedding.

YMMV, but mine has been good. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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