How to delete my fan page

how to delete my fan page

Delete a Facebook Fan Page

Jan 30, Go to your Facebook page and click on settings at the top. Under general section, you will see an option to remove page. Click on Edit and it will show you option to delete the page. When you click on delete page, it will ask you for your Facebook password to confirm your action. Delete the fan page permanently. Right under the Remove Page section header is a hyperlink with a text Permanently delete Tap on this hyperlink to permanently remove your fan page.

Perhaps you think there is a how to delete my fan page for it to keep visible around. You are here at the right place to know the step-by-step procedure for how you can easily delete any Facebook page how to load a powerpoint on youtube own.

You pagee permanently unpublish a page on FB but there ny things you need to manage before doing so. Just delete your Facebook account and you are good to go. Pag will show all of these procedures here. Find the Update Section below. So please keep on reading.

It is important for everyone to download a copy for their Facebook fan or business page before getting rid of it. To do it please follow the below steps:. Open Facebook and click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook screen. Click on Settings. Then click Your Facebook Information in the left sidebar. Click the View option next to Download your information.

Lave check next page only and uncheck all other boxes. You will see a notification that your copy is your info is being created.

Now when your copy is ready you will get a notification from Facebook. Go to Available Copies and Download your page data. Well pabe, now you have a copy of your Facebook page data available offline.

You can use it somewhere else or keep it for future use. So now are you ready to delete a Facebook page you have hod Well, let do it. Please keep in mind that deleting your Facebook page is permanent and it cannot be recovered. However, the process will take up to 14 days to complete.

If you how to get into real estate business to cancel the deletion, you can do it within 14 days only. Now get rid of an What time is tiger game today page, please follow the below steps.

Click Pages under Explore in the left sidebar. Select the page you wanna get rid of. Click Settings at the top see the reference visuals below. Click General. That is it, you are d one. After you jy on the Delete Page option, the deletion process has begun and will take up to 14 days to be completed.

Now within the duration of 14 days, if you have changed your mind and wanna cancel the deletion, you can do it please follow me:. In order to cancel the deletion process of an FB page, follow these steps: Go to Pages. Click the page name the wanna cancel the deletion process. At the top of the page, you will see the remaining scheduled days for deletion with a Cancel Deletion option. Click Cancel Deletion then Confirm. The page will reload and the deletion process is canceled successfully.

Once everything is done, you will see your page live again and will be visible to the Public and connected people. Alternatively, you can do the same process how to replace lower steering column bearing silverado your smartphone as well.

Please download a copy of your information first. Also, download and install the latest Facebook Facebook Business Suit app first. For iPhone users, how to delete my fan page process may be a little bit different but the procedure should somehow help you remove the page.

To permanently get rid of how to delete my fan page Too page you have created using Mobile, follow these steps:. Open the Facebook Business Suit app.

Tap the Menu at the bottom right. Then tap Settings. Now tap the Delete Page option under the Page Options. Thanks to the Facebook Business Suit app for making it easy. Old Method: Tap three lines Menu in the top left and select the page you wanna remove. Now tap Settings in the top right corner. Deoete Page Options, tap Delete Page.

Remove How to build a playground in minecraft option will load, read everything carefully.

Now tap the Delete Page button and you are good to go. This is one of the easiest methods I like. Instead of following a lot of steps, you only need to download the official Facebook Page Manager and remove your page. It is available for both Android devices and iOS devices. The Facebook app also allows users to remove their pages with ease. However, the process is a little bit lengthy. Anyway first, update your official Facebook app to the latest version then follow these steps:.

Open how to transfer outlook address book Facebook app and go to Menu. Now tap Your Pages and select the page wanna remove. Tap the three dots More option in the top right. Scroll down and tap Edit Page under Page Controls.

Tap Settings. Finally, tap Delete Page and that is it. You can start over again by creating a new Facebook page whenever you want. Anyways this is the overall procedure and I am sure it how to delete my fan page help, I will suggest you follow the Mobile procedure as it is easy and time-saving. However, the choice is totally yours either to follow the steps on a PC or Mobile. All type of pages is the same in terms of removing it. So you can proceed with any of the procedures on your PC or How to stitch pillow case in order to remove a business or fan page.

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Jun 30, In order to cancel the deletion process of an FB page, follow these steps: Go to Pages. Click the page name the wanna cancel the deletion process. At the top of the page, you will see the remaining scheduled days for deletion with a Cancel Deletion option. Click Cancel Deletion then Confirm. How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page. Okay seems odd right? Why would you want to delete a Facebook Fan Page? Well, there are actually many reasons and there may come a time where you are looking for answers on how to delete your own Facebook Fan Page. In this video tutorial, I walk you through the steps to delete a Facebook Page. To delete your Facebook Page, you'll need to be an admin of that Page.

You can easy to Delete your Facebook Fan Page. How do I see what my role is on a Page? Your role determines what you can do on a Page. To see your role:. How do I delete my Page? Learn how to see what your role is on a Page. Launch Facebook. On your mobile device, look for the Facebook app. Navigate to the Pages section, and tap on your fan page. You will be directed to your fan page.

Skip to content. Log in. Go to the fan page. On the upper-left corner of the News Feed screen is an icon with three horizontal bars.

Tap on this and a left panel will come out. Go to Settings. You have to be the admin or the owner of this page to proceed with the deletion. Go to General. No need to select this option as this is the one and only option here. Delete the fan page permanently. Confirm deletion. Once this is done, the fan page will be immediately removed and cannot be accessed anymore.

On the upper-right corner of the page, type in your Facebook account username and password. Navigate to the Pages section, and click on your fan page. Each of the settings has an Edit hyperlink beside them. Delete the page permanently. Related Posts. February 20, 0. Facebook is the most known name to us. Facebook live . Stop Facebook Auto Play Videos. January 23, January 23, 0. Facebook is the common name to all of us.

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