How to get drum sponsors

how to get drum sponsors

The Reality of Drum Endorsements and “Sponsorships”

Aug 05,  · If you want to lay a foundation for future potential endorsements, here's what you need to do: Focus on your playing and marketing yourself as a player. Play as many gigs as you can and work towards being in the public eye on a regular basis. Find a product that you LIKE and BELIEVE IN. Use it. Use it for many years. Mar 24,  · I did not realize that all of this would prepare me for the path to becoming a part of the amazing drum companies I work with today. I think that the first thing to realize is that having endorsements or sponsorship does not mean free gear and that you can now slack.

Your band is on the move. You have a cool website, a good local and regional following, and a proposed tour with a national act that will take you into 3,seat halls, festivals and large clubs on a two month trek across country, with the possibility of more. Unfortunately, your equipment is a how to get drum sponsors tattered and out of date. With a big tour coming up, you sure could use some new gear, but lack the funds to buy everything you need, even at retail discount.

Your mind suddenly solves the problem in one fell swoop: Endorsements! But how do you go about getting endorsement deals? Too many misconceptions still exist about endorsements. They seem clueless. The average player basically thinks the following:. Not one of these statements is true. I am not and never have been although I still hold out foolish hope, even in how to do a rockabilly hairstyle age, that I will someday become a famous drummer.

People in the business know my literary work. I have a few studio credits, tons of local live work experience, including gigs with a how to get drum sponsors well know musicians, and two cuts with a blues band released on a local compilation CD that has gotten extensive domestic and international airplay over the last year.

Another thing I have is a good promo package. A professional package will open the door for you. You know what they say about first impressions? How do you get started? Decide what type of equipment you want first. Find out the mailing and web addresses and phone numbers of all the companies who make these products, and most important, find out the name of the artist relations representative from each company.

Visit the company websites and get a feel for the products. More on that later. Next, prepare your publicity package. You could even have how to build a pallet shed professional writer help you email me for info in care of this website.

Sorry for the blatant self-plug. Make sure you have a good photo and a professional-sounding demo. Then, call each artist relations person and introduce yourself, saying something like this:.

Send out your press kit immediately with a nice cover letter telling him or how to paint with your hands exactly why you want to endorse their products. Politely inquire about the status of additions to their endorsement roster for the present time.

You may also want to inquire as to how the company structures endorsements. Every company handles this differently. Many have levels of endorsement deals available. And what if they say no? The bad news most often arrives courtesy of the US mail in the manner of a form letter. Call the artist relations rep and calmly ask why you were passed over.

We have our quota of new sign-ups for this quarter. Thank them for their consideration and go elsewhere. Other problems can arise. So, I bided my time and ultimately went to a high-end American manufacturer and got the kit I really wanted in the first place. That jerk may have how to get drum sponsors the battle, but I ultimately won the whole damn war. In your dreams! DO NOT expect to get equipment free of charge. I always seem to how to get drum sponsors little gifts— free accessories and clothing from my sponsors, and am very grateful for that, so I assume others are getting these perks as well.

Most drum companies offer less well know players fifty to sixty six per cent off list price, which is usually better than you could expect to get from any retailer.

These generous discounts are automatically built into their pricing how to get drum sponsors. A known player will likely get a set below cost. If that describes you, my sincerest thanks for reading this column. I once endorsed a brand of heads manufactured in the far east and after several months, became dissatisfied with them. I simply called the distributor who granted the endorsement and canceled it. No fuss, no muss, no hard feelings.

I found American-made heads I liked at lot more. It was just a musical and business decision. Some musicians switch equipment allegiance with more frequency than they change their underwear. Take Gregg Bissonette, for example. Carl Palmer is a classic case of a drummer about to break free from a bad deal. Although he was endorsing Gretsch at the time, he complained vociferously in a Modern Drummer interview not only how can i get my work history the quality of the drums, but customer service problems that existed at Gretsch at that time.

You could tell that relationship was doomed…and it was. Buddy eventually went back to Ludwig, to Vox, to Fibes, to Rogers, back to Ludwig, back to Slingerland, back to Ludwig, and eventually, ended his career with no endorsement, playing a vintage Slingerland Radio King set specially restored for him by the Eames Drum Company.

That set is now in the Smithsonian Institution. What goes around comes around. Yes and no. Common sense tells you to use whatever tools happen to be at your disposal in order to get what you need, outside of illegal or immoral activity, of course. It cannot be emphasized enough: All musical instrument manufacturers need to know you genuinely want to use their products. Sincerity and professionalism in this case, how to do soft reset well as a little well-placed flattery, just might get you everywhere.

Again, yes and no. It depends on many factors and the individuals involved. Nowhere in any of my endorsement contracts does it state that I am forbidden to use a competitive product either onstage or in the studio. Fortunately, I am very loyal to the companies that supply me with sticks and heads, and have no desire to use another brand.

I have even turned down free samples of other sticks because I am totally happy with Pro-Mark products, as well as the manner in which I am treated. Likewise, with Evans drum heads. However, depending upon who you are and the details of your agreements, things might be different.

I am expected to use and promote the products I endorse, and I do that every weekend and more. There are a few great stories of endorsement problems that have circulated around the industry for decades. Years ago, Buddy Rich was deep into one of his Slingerland deals when he was spotted by Don Osborne, the company president, playing a Fibes snare drum in a Chicago jazz club known as the Plugged Nickel. Buddy, in his typical fashion, told him to get screwed, and bolted for Ludwig again soon after that.

In the late eighties, Phil Collins was endorsing a brand of Asian drums for live performance, but quietly admitted in a Modern Drummer interview that he kept a special round badge Gretsch kit for recording sessions, the first quality set he had owned as a teenager.

Probably a little of both. JDC: Someone who is highly visible and influential, and can give Zildjian tremendous exposure for a long period of time. Unfortunately, this is very rare how to enable ide in bios this day and age with the current state of the music business; i.

On the other hand, education is vital to the how to get drum sponsors of young musicians, and you can never overestimate the value of a good teacher. Teachers have their own realm of influence and we recognize this. We want someone who drummers will look to as an influence or inspiration.

X plays Evans, so maybe I should check these heads out. DK: We want artists who will give Grover products recognition and exposure and help us sell to the public. Of course, the more visible the artist is, the better it is for us. JDC: There are numerous variable at work. Due to the number of solicitations we receive, each applicant is pre-screened through the East or West Coast Artist Relations Manager depending on their geographical location. If the AR Manager feels the applicant has potential and meets the criteria, they forward it to me for further evaluation and I ultimately make the decision.

If the AR Managers feel strongly about signing a cymbal artist, I will usually accept their recommendation. The same applies with drumstick endorsements. SL: We judge each applicant individually and make a decision based on their standing within the music industry. Of course, we want people who will influence others to buy Evans products. DK: We do the same, basically.

We evaluate applicants based on what they can bring to the table, but on their talent as well. JDC: Given the number of high profile artists already on our roster, our criteria is probably a little different than some other companies. It simply means we are looking for artists who how to make homemade swirl lollipops further along how to advertise a cleaning business their career and can provide us maximum exposure within their genre of music.

Someone in a band signed to major label with a hit record on the charts and a video in regular rotation stands a better chance of getting our attention than someone playing clubs in their how to make a website with gimp area.

After all, we are in the business of manufacturing and selling cymbals and drumsticks. Having said that, there are many artists on our roster who were signed based on their ability on how to get drum sponsors instrument. Carter Beauford is the best example.

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Jul 13,  · FREE Series: Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard - Falk explains how to get drumming endorsements, and signs an actual endorsement deal. Politely inquire about the status of additions to their endorsement roster for the present time. You may also want to inquire as to how the company structures endorsements. Every company handles this differently. Many have levels of endorsement deals available. Usually, the first tier is for the “major name” drummers. Jul 17,  · It’s as if they believe manufacturers of sticks, drums, cymbals, and heads will give them both gear and glory (and anything else they can put their hands on). In fact, every year at the NAMM show, the industry-only convention of musical instrument manufacturers and dealers, scores of players descend upon artist reps trying to get hooked up.

Everything in this world comes with a cost—marching band included. Many ensembles look to local businesses to find their funding and discover that sponsorships can mean more than just getting a check. More traditional forms of fundraising, like carwashes, bake sales or raffles, are not always enough to cover all the expenses a band might need. So how can a band program pick up the slack?

Corporate sponsorships are one of the most popular ways to get funding for band-related costs. From local shops to big business, the corporate sphere sees the potential in funding the marching arts. Some companies have money set aside for philanthropy, but others could help by trading goods and services. The more creative a band is with its sell, the more money it stands to gain. See what some bands suggest about funding your dreams.

Marching bands are meant to be seen, whether at a football game, a parade or a concert. Sponsors, in turn, are seen almost as much as the band. Each band is allowed to have a patch on the left sleeve of its uniforms, and Westfield gave this spot to its largest donor—Inova Health Systems, a medical network located in the Washington, D.

Using publicity wisely can reap large rewards for both sponsors and bands. The band director, Rick Moffit, noticed that this publicity helped in its search for sponsorships. Sponsorships can take many forms. Some companies may be able to give your band program a monetary donation, and others may be able to provide discounted goods and services.

Westfield High School tried to accept any offer when funding its trip to the Rose Parade. Frequently, bands will post a sponsorship form on their websites. These forms usually have information about the levels of exposure offered for various monetary amounts.

The Westfield Band used a variation of this technique when preparing for the Rose Parade. By parsing out its costs into smaller donations, the band was able to get the equipment it needed, and the sponsors could see exactly what their donations were buying. Due to sequestration automatic spending cuts and the government shutdown, it was incredibly hard for Westfield to find corporations in the Washington, D.

Instead, several companies offered up their services, like dry-cleaning or moving, instead of giving the band a straight donation. It will save you money in your budget. Be creative and open-minded. Although travel opportunities seem to present a better climate for attaining sponsorships, many companies are willing to give annually. However, seeking out these businesses can mean a lot of work for your organization.

Enlisting the help of your band boosters can alleviate the pressure associated with such a large task. The William Mason Ohio High School Marching Band is one of many bands looking to expand its current donations by attracting corporate sponsors.

As its band program becomes larger and its opportunities for travel and competition expand, it needs more funding. Mason created a specific committee within its booster program dedicated to finding sponsors. Bill Wilkinson, the corporate sponsorship chair for the Mason Band Boosters, has not found a sponsor yet, but he is hopeful that the group will find its perfect match. They have to want to invest in the future of this program. The Westfield Band put in a lot of time to find its sponsors.

The Mason Band chooses to focus on the successes of its program rather than its specific goals. So how should parents approach potential companies? Even if you have a strong boosters program, getting sponsors can be a lot of work. It might take several years before your methods show any true progress. However, if your program can remain diligent, your community and the companies within it will take notice.

When it came time to fund its Rose Parade trip, the local businesses stepped up to the plate. Sponsorships are all about teamwork. We do many things to give back to the community and the businesses who have been so kind to our band.

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