How to get guild wars factions for free

how to get guild wars factions for free

Getting started (Factions)

Guild Wars Factions Global Free-For-All PvP Weekend FAQ. How do I get a key for the Guild Wars Factions Global Free-For-All PvP Weekend? We will be providing keys on the official website,, starting the afternoon of Friday, January 13th. All gamers are invited to join the event, whether they are a Guild Wars account holder or not. One regional key will be distributed for . And crucially, there's no subscription fee. Factions is of course Chapter Two (of several planned) and is available either as a 'standalone product' or as an upgrade to your already installed Guild Wars. There's only one game client, so my Factions character now sits alongside those from Prophecies in the menu.9/10(2).

You're a new player and need somebody to show you the ropes of Guild Wars? GuildWiki is the largest resource how to write a classical piano piece Guild Wars-related knowledge on the internet, and it will provide you with any information you need.

But let's start with the basics. Read on! Warning : The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the PvE campaign.

Let's assume you have just created a roleplaying character for the Factions campaign. If you need help with that, read the roleplaying character creation guide. After creation of the character and an introductory cinematic, you'll find yourself in the Monastery Overlook. If you are not familiar with the game basics you should simply follow the instructions of Instructor Ng for a basic introduction and accept the quest Mantid Hatchlings from how to get guild wars factions for free. Once you have completed the quest Mantid Hatchlings you may talk to Ludo at the gate and accept the how to get guild wars factions for free Seek out Headmaster name " quest.

The name of the headmaster depends hwo your primary profession:. Accept that quest and select to enter Shing Jea Monastery.

When you first enter the Monastery you'll probably be confused with all the fellow players and numerous NPCs standing and running around.

For now, you can ignore most of them. But if you're curious, you can explore the city and talk to some of the NPCs to discover the services they offer. You may also read some of the tablets click the yellow text you see in town for some more explanation of the game's mechanics. The Headmaster you've been how to scan documents into adobe to seek out can be found near the gate to the Monastery Overlook.

Your Headmaster will then assign you a new quest " Locate name " to locate a Profession Trainer for rfee primary gdt. The name of the Profession Trainer again depends on your primary profession, also you will be given additional skills upon accepting this quest:. All these profession fsctions can be found in Sunqua Vale. Each profession trainer offers one profession-specific quest. During the quest you will receive two additional skills for the corresponding profession:.

Upon completion of that quest you will then receive a new quest " Track Down name " from your primary profession trainer to track down another profession trainer. The name once again depends on your primary profession:. All these profession trainers fachions be found either in Panjiang Peninsula or Kinya Province. Note: You should be at least level 3 when starting this quest; if you aren't yet, go hunt down some Mantid in factilns area. Each of these profession facfions offers one profession-specific quest.

During the quest you will again receive two factiond skills for your primary profession:. These are the same Headmasters as listed above for the primany profession.

Pick the Headmaster for the secondary profession that you'd like to learn. This will start a second quest sequence as listed above for the how to get guild wars factions for free profession, but this factione it will be for your secondary profession. Once you have completed the whole sequence for one profession you may return to Master Togo and confirm your choice with the quest Choose Your Secondary Tactions. After this, your secondary profession will be fixed. Before making the choice, consider completing all secondary profession quests to harvest the quest rewards, even if you don't intend to pick the professions.

The combined rewards for each of the quests are experience and gold, or experience and gold total. If you do decide to perform all the secondary profession quests, at some point you will visit Tsumei Village. Therefore, when you are doing your secondary profession quests, or any other quests that are close to Tsumei Villageyou may wish to first travel to Tsumei Village and begin the quests from there so that how to get guild wars factions for free henchman are higher level.

Once you have fixed your secondary professionspeak to your primary profession Factiins again to receive the " Insignia " quest for your primary profession. This will take you to Instructor Ng again, who will grant you access to the Shing Jea Dojo and give you a sequence of advanced how to use stub hub courses, with several free skill rewards. Upon completion of the Insignia quest you may accept another grey cabinets what color walls quest from the Headmaster of your primary how to get guild wars factions for free. As soon as you can afford it at any time during the profession quest sequence!

This allows you to transfer gold and items from your old character to your new character, which should make it much easier for the new character to obtain new equipment. You should also purchase a storage account upgrade so you can store your crafting materials there.

Ugild an account and buying the storage upgrade will each cost 50 gold. As soon grt you can afford it you should maximize your inventory space. A Belt Pouch will increase your inventory space by 5 slots. You can get a belt pouch via any of these methods:. A Bag will increase your inventory space by 5 slots. You can have two bags. You can get a bag via any of these methods:.

A Rune of Holding tuild the capacity of a bag by 5 slots. You can apply one per bag, but they cannot be applied on your belt pouch. You can get a Rune of Holding via any of these methods:. Your initial armor is very weak and does not offer much protection. As soon as you have collected the necessary materials and gold you should get some better armor from one of the three Armor Crafters in the Shing Jea Monastery.

Prioritize chest armor and then leg armor before the others, as they receive more hits than the other pieces though they also cost more to factiond.

As an alternative, you can obtain armor from the various armor collectors around Shing Jea Islandwhich has the same armor rating as the ones you can buy at the Monastery, but be aware that some factiohs these collectors are far away from the Monastery and you'll have guilf defeat many foes and run through a large amount of land to reach them. Factionx you have spare funds, buy Minor Runes for the attributes of your primary profession from the Rune Trader in the Monastery and apply them guils your armor.

Minor runes are fairly cheap usually gold and have no downside, so there is no reason not to use them. Often Major Runes will be cheaper than Minor Runes, but carry with them a penalty to your hit points. At low levels this penalty can make advancement very difficult, but for a character that can afford the hit point penalty, this is often a cheaper, more potent option to consider. Note fet Primary Elementalists, Monks and Ritualists: Consider saving fadtions basic armor for an efficient farming build later in game.

This will mean fewer inventory slots, but it should prove rewarding. Remember that once you decide to not save how to solve 3x3 rubik, you will never be able guikd acquire it again! The weapons you start out with won't do much damage.

As you kill foes on the island you will find better weapons in the drops. Some weapons you may find require a certain level for an attribute of either your primary cor secondary profession. Most high-end weapons require at least 9 levels invested what album is moves like jagger on the linked attribute to do their maximum damage potential.

There are several other ways to obtain better weapons besides finding them in the drops of beaten foes. On the fctions there are collectors who offer weapons in exchange for collectors items. In the monastery you will also find a weaponsmith who will craft you a weapon in exchange for some materials and gold.

Also, if you don't plan to trade your weapon with another player, you can pay frfe gold and have the weaponsmith freee your weapon. Finally you can trade with fellow players for gold or items to obtain better weapons to use. At guilc time during your profession quest sequence you are free to explore the area and fight foes to gain experience and collect drops.

This way you can increase your character level and attributes plus you collect money and materials that you will need to buy better equipment. See Shing Jea Island for a list of locations and a map. Be aware that some gates remain closed to you until you select your secondary professionso you cannot enter certain locations.

There are many quests to be found on Shing Jea Island. It is advisable to complete a few of them to get your character to a higher level before leaving the island. Once you have finalized your secondary profession, you will be granted access to the first mission location, Minister Cho's Estate. The quest A Formal Introduction will take ho here. Take on the mission and complete it for extra XP and Skill Points.

For details, read: Minister Cho's Estate mission. Once you have finished your first mission and the follow-up quests Warning the Tengu and The Threat Growsyou are free to leave the Shing Jea Monastery area via the Saoshang Trail and explore the eastern side of the Shing Jea Island. Further exploration will take you to the eastern-most outpost on the island of Zen Daijunwhich is the second mission location. On Shing Jea Island flr are two quests which give you 15 attribute points each.

Lost Treasure is unlocked by completing the mission Minister Cho's Estate mission. An Unwelcome Guest is unlocked by completing the mission Zen Daijun mission.

If you find any of guipd quests to be too difficult, you may choose to come back to do these quests later on. After completing the second mission, you fref be able to take a ship from Seitung Harbor to The Marketplace in Kaineng City on the ho of Cantha. This is where the real challenge begins. Unlike with Prophecies, you how to get guild wars factions for free always return to the starting island after going to the mainland if you need to finish any missed objectives.

If you complete every quest on Shing Tl Island before you leave, afctions all the secondary profession quests, and complete both missions on Master difficulty, you should frree around level 19 when you reach the mainland. This means you only need to do a couple of easy quests in order to reach level 20 to gain an additional 15 attribute points.

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Existing Guild Wars Players

Download the Guild Wars client. Run to install the Guild Wars client on your PC. At the log-in screen, click the "Create Account or Add Access Key" link. Enter your Access Key and follow the registration directions. For information, tips, and tricks about Guild Wars, check out our Official Guild Wars Wiki, a place to learn about the game from fellow players. If you require assistance with your . Get it as a quest reward for the quest A Belt Pouch. Trade it from collector Marik Kuri or Hai Lae in Sunqua Vale. You'll have to slay a few Mantids or Kappas to obtain the items they are asking for, but that should be fairly easy. A Bag will increase your inventory space by 5 slots. You can have two bags. You can get a bag via any of these methods.

It is set in the Eastern-styled Asian continent of Cantha. The Guild Wars Factions Standard Edition box with 2 fold out flaps comes in 2 different looks different character pictures on the cover and includes the following:. The Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition box includes the above content plus the following collector's edition exclusives:. Please note that adding a Factions Collector's Edition access key to an account that already has another edition of Factions will NOT add more character slots or storage tabs to that account.

The only thing the access key will add to your account are the signature dances for Ritualists and Assassins, and the Miniature Kuunavang. The PvP editions are only available for ordering online in the official Guild Wars store. The PvP editions give instant access and full skill lists for the PvP mode and the professions covered by the respective campaigns. They do not provide access to the PvE campaigns. PvP editions are cumulative; multiple editions purchased will allow PvP players to access the sum of all unlocked skills.

PvP and regular editions can be mixed, but then only allowing players to travel into the PvE worlds that the full editions provide. In addition to the six core professions introduced in Guild Wars Prophecies , players will be able to choose from two additional professions introduced in Guild Wars Factions.

The continent that Guild Wars Factions is based on offers many new opportunities for the player. Factions saw the introduction of 4 new guild halls :. Access to Guild Wars Factions requires a valid access key to be added to your account.

Once added, select Factions when creating a new character to create a new Factions character. Existing characters from other campaigns can access Cantha via a special quest. See the Cantha article for more details. Concept art by Kekai Kotaki. Concept art by Daniel Dociu. Concept art by Xia Taptara. Concept art by Shawn Sharp. Concept art by Richard Anderson.

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