How to inflate a bike tire

how to inflate a bike tire

Aug 01,  · It's a simple and essential task, but if you've never been shown how, you may want to watch this. How to pump up your lovesdatme.comibe to GCN: Author: Global Cycling Network. Most pro racers will use a tubular tire as it is lighter and will run higher pressure than tube-type tires, but tubular tires do lose air much faster than a regular tube type clincher tire so you will need to inflate a tubular more often. I pump my tires up to around I don't like going much higher because then my ride becomes too.

Tires need the right amount of air to function optimally, and getting them to the right psi efficiently can require some finesse. Mitch Mcleod at Kamikaze Bikes in Collingwood, Ontario, walks us through exactly how to ibflate your bike tires so you can keep rolling confidently. There are two popular tube valves : A Schrader valve is wider and flat on the end, while a Presta valve is narrower and features a locking nut at the top, which can be loosened to add or release air. An easy way to remember the Presta valve is that you press to let air out.

When it comes to pumps, you almost always get what you pay for. A little extra investment can give you a more bikd psi reading, a sturdier bike pump, and even easier how to inflate a bike tire. First, remove the plastic cap that might be covering the end of your valve sometimes these get lost, so no big deal if hlw is missing.

Then—Mcleod says this is a commonly skipped step with Presta valves—unscrew the tiny locking nut at the top. If you have a Shrader valve, you can skip this step. Tige you pump, check the sidewall of your tire: Gike should list the pounds-per-square-inch psi range that your tire can safely bikee.

Typically, a road tire can go between 80 and psi, while a mountain tire holds between 25 and 50 psi. Hybrids usually take between 40 and 70 psi. What is slim fast good for your personal psi preference falls within the range for your fire will depend on your weight and riding style—play around with it ot figure out what you tige, or you can use our handy guide here.

Fit the pump head onto how to inflate a bike tire valve. Pumps will have either a switch that flips down or tiire, or an internally threaded screw top. Both systems how to make awsome paper airplanes to keep the head in place as you start pumping, which ensures that air actually goes into the valve instead of leaking out while you pump. If air seems to be coming out of the pump and not into your tires, you may need to readjust the pump head slightly.

Just detach and reattach to reset the seal. Using the gauge on your pump to guide you, pump how to sell a car by owner paperwork tubes up to your optimal pressure. Invlate use your upper body and core to pump. Let your arms or even your abs do the work—it can seriously feel like a mini workout. Bikes and Gear. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Water Bottles for Cycling.

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Pick the Right Bike Pump

Apr 03,  · Shop Bontrager pumps: your bike's tire pressure correctly will give you a more comfortable ride with better grip and Author: Trek Bicycle.

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This article has been viewed , times. Inflating your bike tires is a simple and painless task, as long as you know what tools you need. Identify your valve type with the methods below and pump accordingly.

To inflate bike tires with a Schrader valve, start by finding the recommended PSI range located on the side of your tires. Next, unscrew the rubber cap from the valve, connect a bicycle pump to the valve, and inflate the tire to your recommended PSI range. After that, remove the pump and screw the cap back on the valve. However, make sure to ask the attendant for a pressure gauge, and inflate your tires in small bursts to avoid popping your tires.

For more tips, like how to inflate a Presta valve tire, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Random Article. Home Random Courses Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. How to Inflate Bike Tires. Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of A Schrader valve is also called an American valve, or a car valve. The valve stem is surrounded by a threaded valve core; to press down on the stem, you need to use a tool like a pen cap or your thumbnail.

They're usually found on cars, less expensive bikes and mountain bikes. To open a Schrader valve, simply unscrew the rubber cap at the top. Figure out the recommended PSI for your tires. This is usually on raised print on the side of your bike tires and will consist of a range. Locate a pump. If you don't already have one, try to use a gas station pump, or borrow one from a friend.

If you have a Schrader valve, you're in luck - you won't need an adapter to use a gas station pump. Ask the attendant for a pressure gauge and inflate your tires in small bursts, checking the pressure after each one.

Gas station pumps are extremely high pressure, and you can pop your tires if you're not careful. If you're using a bicycle pump with two openings, the larger one is meant for the Schrader valve. Smart pumps with one opening will automatically adjust to accommodate a Schrader valve.

Unscrew the face cap and find the rubber stop. The larger end should be facing out for a Schrader valve. Inflate the tire. Unscrew the rubber cap on top of the valve and put it somewhere safe, like your back pocket. You don't want to lose it. Put the pump on the valve. If there's a lever near the nozzle, make sure it's in the open position parallel to the nozzle when you're putting it on the valve; snap the lever down into the closed position perpendicular to the nozzle when it's on.

Keep an eye on the PSI as you pump. Flip the lever back up to remove the pump, then quickly return the rubber cap to the valve. To deflate a tire with a Schrader valve, simply press on the springy valve stem with a fingernail or other small tool until all the air escapes. Method 2 of The Presta valve, also called a Sclaverand or French valve, is usually found on high-end road bikes. Presta valves are longer and narrower in diameter than Schrader valves, and feature an external valve stem that is protected by a valve cap, instead of being surrounded by a valve core.

Open the valve. To open a Presta valve, unscrew the dust cap at the top and put it somewhere safe. Then, loosen the small brass cap on the valve stem - it won't come off completely, but you should be able to raise it a bit.

To check if you've loosened the bras cap enough, press on the valve stem. If you can hear air escaping in a sharp burst, you've loosened it enough. Try to use a gas station pump, or borrow one from a friend.

You can also purchase pumps at your local cycle shop. To use a gas station pump on a Presta valve, you'll need a Presta adapter. This is a small cap you can screw onto a Presta valve to essentially turn it into a Schrader valve. You can purchase one from your local cycle shop. When using a gas station pump, ask the attendant for a pressure gauge and inflate your tires in small bursts, checking the pressure after each one.

If you're using a bike pump with two openings, the smaller one is for a Presta valve. Smart pumps with one opening will automatically adjust to accommodate a Presta valve. A pump with one opening may require you to reverse an internal rubber stop to fit a Presta valve. The smaller end should be facing out for a Presta valve. Open the Presta valve by unscrewing the dust cap and loosening the smaller brass cap.

Flip the lever back up to remove the pump, and screw the brass cap closed. Replace the dust cap. To deflate a tire with a Presta valve, open the brass cap and press on the springy valve stem until all the air escapes. Method 3 of It is larger like a Schrader valve, but employs the same mechanism as a Presta valve.

Refer to the Presta valve section for instructions on how to inflate a tire with a Woods valve. The tire should feel firm - you shouldn't be able to pinch the sidewalls of the tire together very much.

On a mountain bike tire, you should be able to push in by about a centimeter or so. Check the sidewall of the tire to find the minimum and maximum pressure values and use the gauge to get the pressure between these values.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. You will be hit by a car. Pull to the side of the road and then follow the steps shown here. You don't need to know the exact pressure recommended for your tires.

Just press down on the tire with your finger and pump until it feels firm, but with a little give left in it. Not Helpful 13 Helpful 7. Should you pump the inner tube up too much, it will likely explode inside the tire. Check the sidewall of the tire to find the minimum and maximum pressure it can handle. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 6. There is no need to use anything to seal the tyre to the rim with a clincher setup one where you have a separate inner tube.

With a tubeless setup, the tyre is fixed to the rim. Paul S. Assuming the tubes are not old, there is possibly a small hole in the tube, and possibly something in the tire itself made the pinhole.

Older tubes, especially cheap ones, are porous and don't retain pressure well after several months. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Is there a way to get it out if I pressed the Schrader valve into the tire ring by accident?

You'd have to unseat one bead of the tire and work the tube around slowly to slide it to the hole with the wheel off the bike. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3.

Pretty sure it has Schrader valves. Presta valves are not as common, and are mostly used on higher-end competitive road bikes. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1.

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