How to make a model of antarctica

how to make a model of antarctica

The picture does not take into account any rise in sea level if the ice melted. You could even use plaster of Paris to make it. u can do it by adding some p.o.p in a bowl and add water and mix. Yusuf made this Antartica model.

Asked by Wiki User. I would use papier mache or clay on a plywood base. If I were doing it, I would try hard how to make a model of antarctica make elevations to scale as much as possible, and I would try to indicate ice shelves that are not supported by land that is at or above sea-level. I would use maake surface of the plywood, of course as sea-level. I would include a drawing of what the continent would look like if the ice were lifted off.

See the link. The picture does not take into account any rise in sea level makee the ice melted. You could even use plaster of Paris to make it. There are no countries in Antarctica. There is no reason to use a weapon in Antarctica. If you want to make a model of the continent, a map would help. Arctica and Antarctica were never connected by themselves. Your first challenge is to decide what you want your model to represent of Antarctica. Your options include geography, climatology, polar situation and so forth.

Once you've decided which story you want to tell, you can construct the model to tell the story you want. The make is Chrysler and the model is a I don't know what Santa's rules are for Antarctica. Mske will be 24 hours of daylight in Antarctica now and maybe nobody will be asleep. Seals are marine mammals and do not live 'in Antarctica': Antarctica is a continent. Seals survive in their natural habitat, water, which surrounds Antarctica in the form of the Southern Ocean.

Sun rays are almost parallel to the ohw at Antarctica. I think that antarctica is like ausralia. Meaning I is itself a country. Antarctica is not different from Earth; Antarctica is part of the Earth, the fifth largest of seven continents qntarctica make up the land mass of the planet. Example, The make is Ford, the model is Escape. The make is Chevrolet, the model is Equinox.

The make is Dodge, the model is Caravan. Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, coldest, darkest continent on earth. It is too antarcttica a place to make a home. Food that will make you warm. The make of the car is the name of the company that makes it. The model is the specific name of the car. Even though stow-away pests that make it to Antarctica may get to the continent, they cannot survive there. The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. It is fed by the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian oceans.

It varies from year to year, make to make, model to model. Need to know what what is a proximity sensor on iphone, make and model you have. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. Which countries make up Antarctica? What countries make up Antarctica? What are the countries that make up antarctica?

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Antarctic Worksheets from Fiona. Create a Diorama Years 7 - 9. Each person in the class has to make a diorama out of a shoe box or something similar. This is a collection of between five and ten objects saved by a member of an expedition to Antarctica. A good model of an Internet site contains information broken into bite-sized pieces and. Introduction of topic. Students research general facts about Antarctica: 2 - 1 hour Students design and build shelter. 3 - 1 hour Students spot Polar bear? Research fauna and flora. 4 - 1 hour Students research occupations and role-play reporting to Base Commander. Discuss safety issues 4a - if possible - .

Each person in the class has to make a diorama out of a shoe box or something similar. This is a collection of between five and ten objects saved by a member of an expedition to Antarctica. These objects may be symbolic for example a match to represent the warmth this expedition member felt able to impart to other members of the team or practical perhaps the knife that they used to carve meat from seal bones or have sentimental value maybe the collar of a favourite dog who had to be shot.

In preparation for this, the class may read some of the following:. Thomson, John Shackleton's Captain , Christchurch, Each person may wish to write a short explanation of the significance of each object in their collection.

The explanation will be included with the diorama. The Situation:. You are a group of four, five or six researchers working in a small hut at Cape Royds, two days' trek over ice and snow from Scott Base. You have been drilling holes through the ice to catch and tag fish for your research assignment for a New Zealand University.

However, your work has had to be temporarily halted as a blizzard has blown up and you all have to shelter in the hut. Scenario As you sit together, trying unsuccessfully to get the gas stove to light, discussing your research and trying to keep your minds occupied, you are astonished to hear a weak banging at the door as a person outside feebly tries to open it against the raging gales.

When you open the door, a man falls inward, and you hear his story: he and three others set out from their ship which was crushed by ice a week ago. Scenario 2. The others realise that this secret means that they can no longer continue their research together in the hut. However, the blizzard is raging on and it is obviously not going to end quickly. Group Task:. Choose one of the scenarios and complete the story in a play.

Each group must write a two- or three-act script for the play, learn their lines, and act it out for the class. Antarctic Tent Debate. For this exercise, the class may be divided into groups of about six, in which case one or two people in each group lose and have to 'walk'.

Otherwise, the class may do it as a whole, in which case, perhaps the best dozen are selected as the winners.

During Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, Captain Oates knew that his illness was holding up the rest of the team. Rather than burden the others with his weak and sick body, he chose to leave the tent and walk off to his certain death in the storm.

His famous parting words were "I am going out; I may be some time". However, being modern young people in the same situation as Captain Scott's expedition, you are not about to sacrifice yourself for others, even though you know that the group will only survive if one person walks out of the storm-bound tent. Your aim is to ensure that your own life will be preserved. In order to work out who gets to live and who has to walk, you have a debate where each person gets two or three minutes to talk.

You must create for yourself a persona you think is worth saving perhaps you have some special skills or attributes, or you have done a great service to humankind, or you have compelling reasons that you are needed at home , then convince the rest of the team. The others have to want you to be a survivor for the reasons you give when it is your turn to debate.

When everyone has spoken, the team votes for the people they want to remain. No-one may vote for themselves. The winners are those who have convinced the rest of the team members that they must be saved. This is a kind of play, based only on sounds. You are going to create a soundscape of Antarctica. The result should be a symphony of sounds produced by the voices of the participants imitating what you believe may be the sounds of Antarctica or part of Antarctica.

Divide the class into approximately half. You may use larger or smaller groups, and experiment with the different results from different sizes. Each participant must create a sound that he or she associates with Antarctica.

You may give a few suggestions such as the noises of whales communicating with each other, the calls of penguins, the cry of the wind, the creak of the icebergs, voices of men urging on the dogs, the moan of gulls, the crashing of chunks of ice colliding in the storm-tossed waters etc. Each group must then work out a combination of sounds, rather like a symphony, with some sounds being used at some times, and some at others, and possibly all at once for a crescendo.

Each production should last 2 - 3 minutes for groups of about ten, and longer for bigger groups. Antarctica Website Comprehension Exercise. What did the ancient Greeks call the Southern continent? What does Terra Australis Incognita mean? Who sighted the Antarctic continent for the first time? Between which years did the first British Antarctic expedition take place? When did Roald Amundsen first spend a winter in Antarctica? What did he later become famous for? Name the three men in the party that reached 82 deg 17 sec south on 30 th December Who led the second party to reach the South Pole and died on the return journey?

When was the Ross Dependency established by New Zealand? The rocks in Antarctica are similar to rocks in:. Why do salts accumulate gather in soils? What are some life forms that can live where moisture exists on Antarctica? How long ago did New Zealand and Australia split from Antarctica? What is the chemical difference between normal oxygen and ozone? What important role does the ozone layer play?

Which gases made a huge impact on the destruction of the ozone layer? What kind of radiation reaches earth as a result of the depletion of ozone? What does this radiation cause? You are designing a web page that convinces people that Antarctica is a very special place on Earth that should be turned into a World Heritage Park. Include some pictures, some information and some persuasive arguments.

However, to begin with, you will need to read about how to go about making a web page that is effective:. Find a couple of homepages on the Internet preferably those you know and like and look carefully at the following features to see what looks good and is speedy to download:.

Think about:. You need to be informative and convincing. Give people plenty of information about Antarctica. Remember that most people will never visit it themselves, so take them on a little tour.

Introduce them to the weird and wonderful world of the penguins, the seals, the explorers, the strange ice floes, the cruel blizzards, the craggy icebergs, the high, dry deserts, the unusual plant life, the importance of the krill. You may need to explain the interdependence of Antarctic organisms in order to persuade them that Antarctica is worth conserving.

Then you need to prod them into action. Use imperatives to tell them to write to the appropriate people. Who are these people?

Give them names and addresses. Give them some clues about what to write. Organisation and Style. Organisation of information is an important aspect of the effectiveness of any web page. So remember:. When creating a site, good graphic elements are essential. The graphics needed include illustrations, logos, icons and menu bars, lines and bullet points. Three ways to obtain images are:. Copyright is the right to reproduce copy an artwork, piece of writing, song lyrics and music, design or other copyright material.

The traps for the unwary include:. Making Antarctic Poems. Poetry is language in its most concentrated form. It expresses powerful emotions or passions; it may convey the quintessence of an experience or description.

Its sounds should satisfy the ear and its vividness create pictures in the mind. A three-lined Japanese poem of 17 syllables, usually presenting an image or delicate emotion. To help you get started with your haiku:. Think of an abstract noun, such as freedom, cold, wonder, fear, etc and create in your mind a picture of something that illustrates this. Write one sentence to describe this picture regardless of the number of syllables.

Play around with the words, choosing the most descriptive, evocative and interesting. Now make them fit the syllable formula. Keep on playing with the words, deleting some, adding others, using synonyms. Decide on a subject for your haiku. For example: Shackleton's journey, penguins, furious snow storms, pollution.

Then brainstorm descriptions of this, using as many phrases as you can that appeal to one's senses eg sight, smell, touch, sound, and emotions.

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