How to make green eyes look blue

how to make green eyes look blue

how to make green eyes look blue?

Apr 13,  · wear shiny things,. (like pink, blue, purple.) and put light purple eye shadow.. (not a lot) Source (s): I have hazle green/blue eyes, and whenever . Oct 12,  · So if I want to enhance my blue green eyes, I stick to a silver and grey palette. If I want to create a fun monochromatic look, I’ll use teal, navy and icy blue. Monochromatic color palettes are my favorite way to wear eyeshadows lately. The Urban Decay Spectrum palette really lends itself to monochromatic looks.

By Heather. Trying to learn all of the makeup tricks to enhance the green in your eyes can be really difficult! If you have brown eyes, blue eyes or even darker eyes that you want to bring the green out in, you've got to follow these tips!

I've got all of the makeup tricks to enhance the green in your eyes below! So have you been dying to highlight those flecks of greens but don't know how to do it? Now you do! With all of my eges tricks to enhance the green in your eyes! You might have heard one makeup trick to enhance the green in your eyes is to line your eyes in some plum colors or even coat your lids in some violet and that is so true!

Plum is absolutely a way to go girls! Whether you have brown eyes or even blue eyes and you want to draw out the green, this is a great way to do it! Brown colors, such as mascaras and eyeliners is another great makeup trick to how to make green eyes look blue the green in your eyes.

For me, I just use a little bit of brown eyeliner right around my top lid and then use it along my lower waterline and it really makes the green in my eyes pop! If you are hoe mascara girl, brown mascara can work the same way too! When you really want to use a makeup trick to enhance the green in your eyes is just use a little splash of apricot! What I usually do is actually add a bit of apricot eyeshadow to lpok lid, making sure that I swipe all the way from outer to inner corner of my eyes.

It can really bring out how beautiful the green is in your eyes! When you are trying to really, truly use makeup how to make green eyes look blue to enhance the green in your eyes, you lokk to make sure that you are avoiding a lot of the whites and silvers in makeup. The reasoning behind this is because these colors can actually highlight other colors of your eyes, not so much green green Always, when you are looking at learning all of the makeup tricks to enhance the green in your eyes, you want to make sure that you are adding in some sparkle and some shimmer!

This will really highlight your eyes and can actually truly bring out some of the green in there! Trust me ladies, this works! So, do you remember how I said that brown colors, especially brown mascara can work great to draw out all of the green in your eyes? It teach me how to dougie remix dirty out the green in my eyes and is a great addition to my makeup bag!

Finally girls, why not go directly for the green? This makeup trick to enhance the green in your eyes is one that a lot of people don't think about. Green eyeshadow! Whether it is a light green or a darker green, it all depends on exactly how much green you want to pull into your eyes!

Dark green for me always brings out the best green highlights. Well girls, there you have it! All of my top makeup tricks to enhance the green in your eyes!

So, do you have any other makeup tricks to enhance the green grreen your eyes that you'd like to share? Please rate this article.

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May 21,  · Learn how to make your blue green eyes pop with eye makeup! These are my favorite tips and tricks I use to make my eyes stand out against my skin. I really h. Apr 16,  · Green blue eyes are different to hazel eyes which comprise browns, yellows, and greens. However, they are just as rare. Blue eyes have a rarity factor of Author: Tessa Schlesinger.

In a world filled with beautiful blue and brown eyes, there are those special women whose green eyes shine like emeralds and peridots from out of the crowd. Their greens range from fading autumn grass to deep, dark green waters. Mysterious and exotic, any woman with a pair of these beautiful eyes needs to start bringing out the fullness of their greens to dazzle the world. Hazel green eyes are also a beautiful combination of blues, browns, and greens.

With a few makeup tricks, the green can be brought out and made to shine. Hazel greens are just as rare as true greens and these beauty hacks will work for them, as well.

Green eyes used to be one of the hardest eye colors to make pop simply because not enough people had them. Blue eyes were always dazzling bright and those dark browns were deep and seducing, but green and hazel green eyes have slowly come into their own. With the wide range of colors available in makeup, women have learned what colors work best and what to absolutely avoid. With the best choices in makeup, you can make your eyes the focal point of your face, drawing people in with their unique charm and astonishing beauty.

When it comes to bringing out the green in your hazel eyes or making your already green eyes sparkle, nothing does it better than warm metallic colors. Choose gold, bronze, or copper colored eyeshadows to showcase your eye color. You can sometimes find these three colors together in a trio set, saving you from having extra makeup cases and maybe saving you a few extra bucks.

Peach color looks wonderful with green and hazel green eyes. I made this discovery many years ago when I was learning about skin types and my personal color palette.

I found out that I should be using a peaches and cream blush instead of the rose tinted blushes that are always so popular. After much searching, I found peach blush and have never gone back to the pinks.

My current favorite peachish blush is Milani Baked Blush Corallina. A light dusting of this on my cheeks and it really brings out my eye color. I have even lightly applied it to my eyelids for a stunning summer day effect. Make brown eyeliner your go-to every day eyeliner if you have green eyes. Avoid the white eyeliner trend unless you want to a soften the green in your eyes. If you want to explore with fun colors, try reds, oranges, and warm metallic eyeliner colors.

I love bronze eyeliner for my fun evenings. Bronze really makes green eyes pop and is so much fun to experiment with that you will probably be tempted to wear it every day. I absolutely love silver and I wear silver jewelry as well as silver glitter on my fingernails. When it comes to my eyes, I steer clear of the silver eyeshadow. Silver reduces the green in eyes. In theory, it might sound like the perfect color for green eyes, but once the silver eyeshadow is applied, all you get is mellow green eyes.

Keep silver off your face and away from those beautiful gems. If you are looking for a bold color to wear on your eyes for a hot evening on the town or on a date, try a red based eyeshadow.

Reds can really bring out the color in green eyes, making them both intense and sensual at the same time. It is not an everyday eyeshadow color to wear, but it will definitely bring out the confidence in you when you are looking forward to a sultry date with the man you love. When you really need to make your green eyes shout out across a room, get out the mascara. Buy the best quality mascara that you can afford and cake that stuff on.

Apply at least two applications of the stuff or buy heavy mascara for extra thick lashes. Thick eyelashes immediately draw attention to the color of your eyes. It draws people in and they instantly see your encased emeralds. If you have problems wearing mascara because you have contact lenses, try mascara that is formulated for sensitive eyes or try a waterproof mascara. Just two coats of this mascara and my eyes are popping. It doesn't make my contact lenses feel like they are dried up and ready to fall out.

Purple is a green eyed girl's best friend. Use purple eyeshadow to make your green colors scream out. Apply purple or plum along your lash line, being careful not to apply too much. You don't want to look like you have been punched in both of your eyes. You just want that touch of color for contrast. People love your green eyes because they are unique, unusual, and even wild looking. Your eyes deserve special treatment and smokey eyes may just be the eye popping trick you have been looking for.

YouTube has a ton of videos showing you how to create the smokey eyes effect. No matter what you do, don't wear something that matches the color of your eyes. You want your eye color to stand out and not blend in. Avoid any makeup that matches your greens and do the same with clothing. You can wear colors that compliment your green eyes or, better yet, contrast with your greens.

Being a huge glitter fan, especially when it comes to my nails, I have also found that glitter eyeshadow looks great with green eyes. Purchase a glitter eyeshadow set and begin to experiment with the different colors. You will find that blues, whites, silvers, and soft pinks tend to hide or soften your greens. Warm, earthy and metallic glitters will make your green eyes stand out. While silver tends to mute out green eyes, dark gray eyeliner will make them stand out a little more.

Like the smokey eyes effect, using a simple dark gray eyeliner to highlight your eyes will give your green eyes more depth and mystery. Go light on the eyeliner during the days and make it heavy in the evenings for dramatic effect.

Keep the pastels in the s and as far away from your green eyes as possible. Light pink, light green, and light blue all look terrible as eyeshadow for green eyes. Skip the soft, gentle look and go directly to bold colors. Striking green eyes need the compliment of a striking eyeshadow color.

Anything else will soften your greens and make them look almost whitewashed. Above all, avoid white eyeshadow. Unless you want to dim the brilliance of your green eyes, white eyeshadow will make your green eyes look dull. Mascara not only highlights the shape of your eyes, it can also improve the brightness of your green eyes. When choosing a mascara color, gravitate towards the browns.

Dark browns work best and not only make your green eyes pop, they also compliment the color of your eyes. Avoid using green mascara. It looks neat, but not with green eyes. If you want to explore all the fun colors in mascara, stay away from the greens and blues and gravitate towards dark orange, red, and purple.

Those three colors will really bring out the green in your eyes. Back in the 90s it was all about the black eyeliner. We would apply that stuff all around our eyes, thinking that the extra black would make us look really awesome. Some of the girls mastered the look perfectly, but not me with my oddball eye color.

My hazel green eyes did not pop with the black eyeliner in the slightest. In fact, all it did was make me look like a heavy metal fan. You will also want to avoid green eyeliner. It does absolutely nothing for green eyes. Sources: allwomenstalk. By Hetty Tullis Published Mar 12, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Via pinterest. Via hannahmags.

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