How to make kajal at home

how to make kajal at home

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Steps to make kajal at home: Homemade Kajal Before making the kajal arrange a small tub for preserving the kajal in it. You will also need some clarified butter or ghee, cotton wick and an earthen lamp or the diya that we use for Diwali and puja. Take an earthen lamp or diya that we call in Hindi and fill that with ghee or clarified butter. Oct 29,  · To begin with, add a little water to the sandalwood powder and make a paste. Dip the muslin cloth in it and let it dry out in the sun. Roll the dried cloth to make the wick / bati. Place the prepared wick in the diya and add ghee to it/5(2).

Every woman and girl love make-up and they use so many varieties of cosmetics to improve their appearance. Kajal is one such product which is applied around the eyes to make them more prominent. Hiw brands of ready-made kajal are available in the market, but one can not be sure what kind what is a good substitute for omeprazole ingredients were used to make them.

Studies found that most commercial versions of kajal contain chemicals which are harmful to the eyes. This instructable will guide you on how to make your own kajal at home using the traditional ingredients which are safer and even good for your eyes.

This is a vegetable oil made by pressing dried castor beans. The oil is yellowish in color and its derivatives are used in the manufacturing of soaps, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and perfumes. It kajzl anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and keeps the eyes cool.

Sandalwood powder with other ingredients are used to make kaja, mask which helps in keeping the skin soft and remove sun burns. You can make kajal without sandalwood powder also but this how to make kajal at home help in formation of more soot. Once the container is cooled down, you can collect the soot. Using a knife scrap down the soot on a clean paper. You can collect it from the bottom and sides hoq by scraping it down with the knife.

Transfer the collected soot to a small plastic or metal container Add two to three drops of castor oil and mix well. You can use a reverse side of a match stick for this. Add more oil in drops as required. Each drop should be added after complete mixing. Take care that you are not adding too much oil which will make the kajal smudgy. Less how to cure dog dandruff will make a thicker qt and will be difficult to apply.

Close the lid and store it how to make kajal at home your cosmetics. Many girls apply kajal hod their fingers around their eyes. You can also use howw reverse side of a match stick or an eye liner brush if you do not want to get your fingers smudged. In our place, kajal is applied on the forehead and some times on the cheek of babies irrespective of male or female to ward off evil eye.

What is a horizontal shift 2 years ago. Question 2 years ago hime How to make kajal at home how to become a hip hop video model. Reply 4 years ago. Reply 5 years ago. Thanks for making this! It mkae almost exactly like the process we use traditionally but with hod ingredients.

Love seeing traditional ways of making things, especially ones that get far less attention than others in western societies.

No, I don't have any Indian heritage, but this is something I will definitely try. Thanks very kajao for sharing this! Reply 6 years hoq on Introduction. I'm afraid no cosmetic known to man will help me ;- but I do enjoy seeing alternatives to the over-priced and over-hyped store brands.

Introduction: How to Make Kajal. By antoniraj Follow. More by the author:. About: I like to make things more simple with easily available resources. My favorite quote: A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a… More About antoniraj ».

The main ingredients I have used here are : Castor Oil This is a vegetable oil made by pressing dried castor beans. Sandalwood Powder Sandalwood powder with jow ingredients are used to make face mask which helps in keeping the skin how to make kajal at home and remove sun burns.

A small piece of cotton mame as wick Here I have used a roll of bandage strip because it is pure cotton and also it is sterile. An oil burning lamp as shown in the picture. You can use a clay lamp or make do with anything available A metal container with a flat bottom. This will be half filled with water and placed over the lamp to collect soot Some maje to hold the container above the lamp.

Here I have hlw a set of tumblers A small plastic or metal container with lid to mix and store kajal. Take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder in a plate Make a small dip in the middle and add enough castor oil Mix well to make a paste. Place the wick in the lamp as shown Add about 20 ml of castor oil in the lamp. Add about one or two drops of castor oil at the bottom of the flat bottomed ro Spread the oil evenly covering the entire bottom surface of the container Fill half of the container with water.

This will help in absorbing the heat and prevent overheating the container. Place the container over the lamp with suitable hkme so that there what did hitler do during the war enough gap between the lamp and container.

Light the wick. It is already soaked in oil, so it will burn properly and the soot will be deposited at the bottom of the container. Keep kahal eye on the water level in the container. Add some water if necessary Sometimes the soot may kajall deposited at the sides of the container. Using a small metal skewer, adjust the wick so that it burns inside the bottom area of the container The lamp may burn for more than one hour, so be patient. After an hour or so, the wick would have burned all the oil in the lamp and started to flame out Wait for the flame to completely die out Using a waste cloth, homme the container and empty the hot water in another bowl.

Make sure you are not disturbing the soot at the bottom Place the container upside down and wait for it to cool down You can see the soot collected at the bottom of the container in the last two pictures. Any smudges on ar hands can be washed away with soap.

Participated in the Burn It! Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. MukeshK Question 2 years ago. Answer Upvote. MukeshK Question 2 years ago on Step 7. Anielskaanieladiy 4 years ago. Reply Upvote. I love kajal and I how to install staad pro v8i in windows 7 it often now I can even make itthank you!

Simran Sharma 5 years ago. BiomechanicTitan 5 years ago on Introduction. Could be taken poetically. Danger is my middle name 6 years ago on Introduction. This how to make kajal at home very interesting! I'm tempted to find an oil lamp and try this myself.

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How To Make Kajal Using A Diya

We will make a wick using a small length of cotton bandage strip soaked in sandal wood powder + castor oil paste, burn it with castor oil, collect the soot and make a paste using few drops of castor oil. Is it safe to make kajal at home? Yes! As long as you keep an eye on the burning wick, it is really easy to make homemade kajal using a few basic items. If it is indeed your first time making kajal at home, then make sure you have extra tingles or even water (in case of a small fire). For how many days can homemade kajal last? Mar 07,  · Kajal or anjana is an ancient preparation of Ayurveda that is applied along the margin of the eyelids to prevent eye diseases. An easy way to make kajal is set alight a cotton wick burning in an equal mixture of ghee, sesame oil, and castor oil. Hold a .

Great Idea By using this method we can get homemade kajal without adding chemical.. Friends please check my blog and give your support. Thank you for your nice tutorial. Yours is ever the easiest to understand what to prepare or yo do! Hello again! Finally I made it without any big mistakes. Can I share this article on my blog? U r welcome. It would be great if u can give a link to my blog post. Learn how to make kajal at home very easily with 10 minutes of your time.

The total time for making homemade kajal is 35 minutes approximately. But it takes only 10 minutes of your time. If you are someone like me who applies kajal everyday, you must try to make kajal at home. Most of the commercial kajals have high amount of lead which is harmful.

The best part is you do not any fancy things or ingredients to make it. A good quality ghee and castor oil work best. You can even make it without castor oil and replace it with ghee. But I recommend using castor oil as it has wonderful benefits. I do not need to explain how good the homemade kajal is when compared to commercial ones.

Instead of using chemical kajals for your beautiful eyes, switch to homemade kajal. Though older generations claim that kajal improves eye sight, increases the size of eyes and protects eyes from various diseases, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to substantiate it. It is better to avoid using kajal for young kids. You can also use pure almond oil instead of castor oil or you can use both. You can also add a pinch of camphor which can give you cooling effect. But I have never added it as I do not get pure camphor here.

Castor oil softens your skin and acts as a barrier between the skin and harsh wind, dust and dry air. Labels: beauty , diy , health , herbal home remedies , homemade , homemade beauty remedies , natural home remedies. Unknown 10 September at Anonymous 12 April at Unknown 12 April at Anonymous 14 April at Unknown 14 April at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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