How to make thin mint cookies with ritz crackers

how to make thin mint cookies with ritz crackers

Mock Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies

Dec 01,  · How To Make Ritz Cracker Thin Mints. Start by laying out wax paper, parchment paper, or silicone baking mats on cookies sheets so that you have a non-stick surface for your chocolate covered crackers. Next, melt the Andes Mints in a bowl in the microwave. Or use a double boiler if you 5/5(2). Mar 14,  · Hold the chocolate over a low simmer and give it a stir occasionally. Remove one pan from the freezer. Drop a cracker into the melted chocolate with the top side up and using a pair of tongs or a dipping tool {affil link}, swish the cracker around in the chocolate, then turn it over and swish it around again.

I seriously had planned to cut back cookoes the sweets a bit. Just a little. Then along came these Copycat Thin Mint Cookies.

They taste so much like the real deal. Those cookies are out of this world. Dip a Ritz cracker in some melted minty chocolate and you can call your cookie all but done. A few words about chocolate. I used dark chocolate wafers for this recipe. This really is about personal preference — everyone has their own method for dipping witth.

These cookies are best whatsapp blackberry 907 invalid cod in the fridge and taste best straight from the fridge.

Now a few words about mint extract. Too much peppermint flavor, too much spearmint flavor, tastes like mouthwash — I guess the flavor varies quite considerably. Use what you know and prefer — be it called mint or peppermint. Last, but not least, a few words about Ritz crackers. How to make thin mint cookies with ritz crackers have never liked Ritz crackers. I prefer water crackers or saltines. Guess what?

You will absolutely, positively get no hint of a Ritz cracker in these cookies. A batch of these Copycat Thin How to make thin mint cookies with ritz crackers were gone quick in my house. I had to make 3 batches of these cookies before I could even determine how much this recipe yields.

They were disappearing before I could even get them in the fridge! The faint bite of salt from the Ritz cracker puts these cookies over the top. Thanks so much for stopping by :. Recipe from Averie Cooks — I love, love, love her blog — check it out!!! I love the way you make this an when I grow up I when to be a chef. Hi mommy!

I loved these thin mints and I love you too! Hi Mommy!!! I really missed you while you were in Gettysburg! I hope you had fun! I hope you will let Abby and I make them for our blog!

These sound great!! I also sprinkle crushed candy cane on top while the chocolate is still wet. Your email address will not be published. Vegan, no bake. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Cook Time 10 mins. Total Time 10 mins. Course cookies. Servings 15 - 18 cookies.

Melt chocolate of choice. You can do this via the bain marie method, short bursts in the microwave or in a saucepan. I prefer the bain marie method - it's easiest to control and maintain the chocolate temp. I do not bother tempering the chocolate for this recipe. This might cause your chocolate to thicken up a little - depending on what cookiex of chocolate you're using.

Dip the Ritz crackers in the chocolate. I drop it in the bowl, gently flip it around with a fork and remove it carefully with two forks.

Let excess chocolate drip off. If chocolate is too viscous, you might have to scrape excess off. Place dipped cookies onto cookie sheet with wax paper. Cool and store cookies what to do before pregnancy glucose test fridge. These cookies are best eaten straight maie the fridge. Comments Pinned this!!!! Amke missed you too! Glad you like these cookies — we can make them again soon.

What kind of chocolate did you use milk, dark examples nestles semisweet bits? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Nov 06,  · Directions Step 1 Using a double boiler method, melt the chocolate coatings over hot tap water for 15 - 20 minutes. Stir. Do not Step 2 After it is melted, stir in a couple drops of peppermint flavor into the chocolate. Step 3 Dip crackers into the melted chocolate and then place onto a cold 5/5(). Jun 19,  · Instructions Melt chocolate of choice. You can do this via the bain marie method, short bursts in the microwave or in a saucepan. I I do not bother tempering the chocolate for this recipe. Mix in 3/4 teaspoon mint extract to melted chocolate. This might cause your chocolate to thicken up a . Jul 06,  · I melt mine in a large bowl in the microwave. Stir in the peppermint oil and the shortening. Dip Ritz crackers in chocolate cover completely. Place coated crackerers on waxed paper and let sit until chocolate is hard.5/5(7).

Using a double boiler method, melt the chocolate coatings over hot tap water for 15 - 20 minutes. Do not cook or get water into the chocolate. Dip crackers into the melted chocolate and then place onto a cold cookie sheet and put into the refrigerator to set. A freezing tray to rest the dipped cookies will keep the bottoms neat looking. In a few minutes take them out and package in candy cups. The cookies are best kept at room temperature or a cool dry place away from any odors.

All Rights Reserved. Thin Mint Crackers. Rating: 4. Read Reviews Add Reviews. Just like the Girl Scout cookies! Save Pin Print ellipsis Share. Gallery Thin Mint Crackers Watch. Thin Mint Crackers JasLak. Thin Mint Crackers Roxanne J.

Thin Mint Crackers Courtney J. Thin Mint Crackers Rae. Recipe Summary. Nutrition Info. Ingredients Decrease Serving The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Add all ingredients to shopping list View your list. After it is melted, stir in a couple drops of peppermint flavor into the chocolate. I Made It Print. Per Serving:. Full Nutrition. Rating: 5 stars. I reviewed this earlier but wanted to update because I've made them several times since then.

I figured out something; don't put the peppermint extract in the chocolate until it is fully melted. If you put the peppermint extract in the chocolate and then melt it in the microwave the extract burns the chocolate and makes it crumbly and hard, hence those reviewers having to use oil to make it smooth again.

Once the chocolate is fully melted stir well and then put your extract in! For the holidays I used white chocolate chips too. Read More. Thumb Up Helpful. Most helpful critical review Cindy in Pensacola. Rating: 1 stars. I froze a sheet tray and then placed the dipped crackers back in the freezer.

When they were hardened they would not come off the sheet pan except in tiny little shreds of chocolate covered crackers. The bittersweet chocolate was off-putting to me. Needless to say I won't be making these again. Reviews: Most Helpful. So easy! What a great idea I am not even kidding how great these were! Thin, crispy and chocolaty! I am thinking about making sandwiches with the wafers with marshmellow cream in the middle and then dunking them in the melted Andes mints. Oh the possibilities!

Try these, you won't be sorry! Chef Joy. However, be ready to do them fast and put them in the freezer for 5 min. Not to mention the salt! They don't break in half easily like ritz, so you can manage them easier and they taste JUST like girl scout cookies and no one can tell it's a nilla wafer inside! So, I buy a whole case of andes baking chips when they come out around holidays!

This is the BEST! I get many requests for this cookie. My kids love it. They have helped dip the crackers but it gets alittle messy. Could NOT be easier! Kids can make this in a snap. Heck monkeys could make this! I bought the Andes baking chips from my grocery store melted a couple handfuls in the microwave in a creme brulee cup for about 30 seconds then mixed it with a fork to be sure it was all melted through.

I just dropped my reduced-fat Ritz crackers into the creme brulee cup with melted chocolate perfect size cup for a Ritz and used two forks to turn and coat the cracker. Set on paper plates out of wax paper and put the plates in the freezer for about two minutes. Clean up is a snap! He kept saying "How did you do that? I will keep my eyes peeled for plain chocolate wafer cookies.

Or if you really wanted to go for broke you could buy a bag of oreos and twist apart each cookie to use the two chocolate wafers; you'd have yourself a true thin mint then. This would work well to make mint chocolate dipped oreos or to dip the ends of a biscotti People look so stunned and confused when after biting into the cookie I hearing me say "It's a Ritz cracker! These are awesome! I didn't use bittersweet chocolate however. Kept adding the peppermint extract until it tasted right.

People at work freaked out - thought I'd somehow gotten my cookie order early!!!! I might add that you should not use plain MINT extract. Every time I've used that in ANY candy it tastes like toothpaste so be sure and use peppermint! Also the cold cookie sheet is a must. I've been making candy for years and always had the little "pool" around the chocolate dipped items. This certainly takes care of that problem - looked professional. Also I used a little Wilton candy dipping tool - plastic with the end looking like a tiny "waffle spatula".

Thanks for the great recipe. I'll be making it again - so much cheaper than the girl scout cookies and frankly I think a little better. Might try it again with the chocolate wafer cookies someone had mentioned but I still don't see how it could be better than the Ritz. So good - but I have a couple of suggestions. Taste your chocolate after adding your peppermint. I didn't taste my chocolate until I was working on my second cookie sheet and I didn't have enough peppermint flavor added more and the second sheet tastes just like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

First sheet is good but much better with more peppermint flavor. Put waxed paper covered cookie sheets in freezer before starting helps cool these quickly.

I am sure I'll have to make more of these in the next 2 days can't keep hubby out of them. Thanks for recipe delish!! Butterfly Flutterby. Like a previous reviewer I used Andes mints thank goodness for after Christmas sales.

These are like the real deal!!! By the way I didn't bother with the double boiler I just melted the Andes in the microwave: Thanks for the post. This was soooo easy to make. I melted a little Gulf Wax with a bag of Andes Mint baking pieces Used a fork to flip the Ritz crackers in the melted mixture then from the pan to 2 wax paper lined cookie sheets. I only got 58 cookies out of this recipe not 80 like stated but I can't complain Cindy in Pensacola. More Reviews.

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