How to plan a corporate event checklist

how to plan a corporate event checklist

Your Essential Conference and Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Dec 29, †Ј Check state and local bylaws to ensure all insurance needs are covered, especially where alcohol is being served. Timetable Create a timeline of tasks and delegate to the planning team, with clear expectations and deliverables. Accommodations Book a block of hotel rooms to house guests /5(). May 13, †Ј Check references and make sure they have experience in the topic youТd like them to discuss. Gather as much information online and offline to narrow down your decision. Once again, keep your event goals in mind. Perhaps ask yourself how a speaker may affect the audience mantra or how it may affect attendance.

Few tasks have as many moving parts as corporate event planning. From locking down dates to coordinating travel, your action items may seem to multiply on a daily basis. Take the guesswork, panic, and chaos out of event planning and nail all the details with this indispensable corporate event planning checklist. SnackNation is a healthy office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome.

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Thanks for including Team Building as part of your event planning checklist. Especially since you have it being planned so far outЕ. People should really consider what their team building objectives are before determining their activities.

Having a conversation with your team building provider about your objectives can really help to narrow down the activity or activities you select for your group. Other content online cannot measure up to the work you have put out here. Your insight on this subject has convinced me of many of the points you have expressed.

This is great unique writing. Great in depth checklist, I would add that when you check locations of venues or hotels, you should look for nice neighbourhoods. Thanks for sharing such a great checklist to follow for planning a wonderful event. These points can help any event start-up or a well-know event agency to host a great event that can create what is proper etiquette for rehearsal dinners everlasting experience for the attendees.

We appreciate you taking the time to read and happy you found our content to be helpful! I like your suggestion to check out things like the staff and restrooms when evaluating potential venues for the event.

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This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Weather Distance from most target attendees Conflicts with city-wide events If an annual marathon closes major city roads during your event time frame, you might want to choose a different city. Walkability Safety Traffic Free attractions Flight availability and cost Use Google Flights to do a quick price scan for tickets to the city during your time frame.

Are prices already skyrocketing? If so, consider looking elsewhere to increase attendance. Explore the personalities of the cities. Practical details make your event happen, but you should also investigate notable features, the elements that give cities personality. While every event may be different, some universally important factors include: City personality Does it fit with your company culture?

Available venues Have you found any promising choices in the city? Your associates might have insights you never even considered. Research Venues in Your City Factors to consider : Layouts and sizes of the rooms Do the spaces comfortably hold all your expected attendees?

Hotels within walking distanceЧif the venue is not a hotel Look and feel Browse pictures of the venue. Use their official how to use headphones with vizio tv, but also search on Google Images to ensure a true representation. Restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance Customer reviews Check on Yelp if nothing is posted on the official website.

Parking Services offered in-house, including catering, audiovisual, waitstaff, cleaning services, etc. Outside vendor policies This is important if the venue offers few services in-house. What kind of events are they showcasing?

Do the venues do weddings? If so, their rates might be higher. Can you picture the event you envision taking place in the venue? Choose Your Top Venues Decision criteria: Select about 5 research factors that are most important to your event. For example, did you fill out an online form, send an email, or make a phone call? This spreadsheet will help you keep your outreach flow organized and your details straight, and it will be super helpful if you need to follow up with anyone.

For example, a venue might include fees for their in-house catering services, but if their policies allow for outside vendors, you might be able to save money there. Simply give your contact a call and explain your situation.

This will give you the best preview of how your event could look. If you have the time, try to book visits on different days, or at least leave several hours how to plan a corporate event checklist between visits. Visit and Evaluate Venues What to look for: How do you feel when you first walk into the venue? First impressions matter, period. Remember how you tried to how to plan a corporate event checklist visits when events were in progress? Make sure this is okay with the venue staff before you investigate, and be as unobtrusive to the in-progress event as possible.

Check out the staff. Are they smiling and courteous? Even a few rude encounters with staff could reflect poorly on your event. Is the venue clean and well maintained?

Be sure to check the restrooms, where the most offensive messes can hide. What to how to plan a corporate event checklist months before your event: 1. Ask questions and record the answers you receive. Make plenty of your own copies. Verify the how to plan a corporate event checklist include all taxes and fees.

If prices do not include these extras, avoid surprises by asking your venue contact to add them or send an estimate. Is the deposit or a portion of it refundable? Check the time frames allotted for the event. What happens if you go over your time? For example, if a hurricane causes a leaky roof how to calculate when easter is the room you wanted and you have to move, can you get some of your money back?

Like proposals, contracts are negotiable. Write it out, make a storyboard, coerce your coworkers into acting it outЧdo anything that helps you visualize your event and wrap your head around every to-do item, big and small.

For example, if you always envisioned a slideshow playing behind your CEO as she makes her welcome speech, then you need to make said slideshow and secure all the equipment needed to project it. Research Entertainment Options Factors to consider: Universal likeability Will everyone in your office, from the interns to the veterans, be able to appreciate the option? Try to deliver something memorable to make your event stand out. The right idea will leave everyone talking about it long after the corporate event is over.

How to plan a corporate event checklist Even before you request quotes, you should be able to determine a rough estimate of the entertainment cost. Ask your associates at other companies for recommendations. What kind of entertainment did they use for recent events? How was it received?

Go off the grid. Reach out to local schools, nonprofits, and businesses. Maybe a local coffee shop would be willing to move their weekly poetry slam to your event. Or maybe a local university choir performs for free. Be sure people will actually like how do i connect my iphone4 to apple tv. Fitness level Only select activities with lots of motion if everyone in your company would be cool with it.

Complexity Steer away from activities that involve lots of steps that could be difficult to explain. Share your equipment needs with your venue and find out what items they have.

You can also request their expertise in creating the equipment list. Have you forgotten anything important? What to do 6 months before your event: 1. Be sure to add the memo on all the office bulletin boardsthis is a surefire way to remind everyone in the office to add the date to their calendar. Choose Team-Building Activities and Sign Agreements If Applicable Decision criteria: Cost With your venue locked down, cost might help you decide which team-building activity to go with.

Coworker votes Make your decision easier by getting 20 or more coworkers to cast votes for their favorite team-building activities. Spaces for large groups Does the restaurant book private rooms or accept reservations for extra-large parties? Research Awards and Get Samples What to do 5 months before your event: 1.

Ages of children and spouses. Order key cards What to do 4 months before your event: 1. This might indicate there is something flawed or confusing about your registration page.

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Jun 10, †Ј Go over the event agenda and take questions. Ask for volunteers for the different roles you need to fill. (Prepare a list of duties, including time and location expectations, beforehand so the roles are clear, and volunteers understand what theyТre signing up for.).

Corporate events are an integral part of fostering community in the corporate world. A corporate event planning checklist is vital. Events, whether B2B or B2C, provide a unique opportunity to connect the brand with its audience in ways unobtainable through traditional marketing.

For some corporations, hosting employee appreciation events such as milestone celebrations, IPO anniversaries, and holiday functions are what keeps employees engaged and willing to go above and beyond because the company appreciates them. However, being able to create innovative, intriguing, and experiential events is getting tougher every day as technology evolves and as companies, such as Treadway Events, raise the bar.

Planning events for 25 people can be a big undertaking, and present particular challenges to small internal teams, let alone creating one for thousands of attendees. Before you dive into it, know that this is just a template that will need to be modified based on the specific type of event you intend to plan. Feel free to reach out to us if you need help planning your event. Why are you producing this event? This overall objective will help you lay the groundwork for you and your team throughout the planning stages.

Keep in mind any holidays, vacations, closures, etc. Set up a meeting with all of your event stakeholders and marketing team. For intimate celebrations and holiday functions, you may have a specific workgroup on one night and another on a different evening if your overall workforce consists of thousands of e mployees.

Make sure your audience size will fulfill all of your event goals. The first task item on your to-do list should be reaching out to prospective venues that fit the criteria of your event. Be very aware of what you can and cannot do in space. Schedule venue tours to narrow down your selection. Think about the location and travel time for your guests.

More than likely, your ideal candidate will NOT be available unless you are planning your event years ahead of time. Your favorite industry maestros are just as busy as you are, if not more soЧplan on contacting them to set up video interviews a good while before the event. Thoroughly research your preferred speakers. Gather as much information online and offline to narrow down your decision. Once again, keep your event goals in mind.

Perhaps ask yourself how a speaker may affect the audience mantra or how it may affect attendance. One of the most crucial aspects of your event and the one thing that guests look forward to the most is your food and beverage.

A professionally crafted menu that is in line with your event demographic, style, and expectations helps project a sophisticated image of your company and increases guest satisfaction.

Most catering fees are comparable to local restaurants in your area. Your next step is to ballpark your event budget within a realistic budget that once again aligns with your goals. Make sure there is room for a contingency.

Take some time to think about your event budget and what should be included thoroughly. Include everything you can think of that may be requiredЧpens, raffle tickets, valet tips, guest parking fees, event team mileage reimbursement, etc.. From this point forward, guest health and safety should be at the top of your priorities.

Create an emergency action plan that outlines procedures for high-risk issues such as an active shooter or possible COVID case all the way to low risk items like an intoxicated guest.

Your event team and your outsourced security if hired must know what to do in stressful situations. Think about sanitation during the event. Be sure to have an abundant supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and other PPE supplies on hand if things go south. Think about adding sanitizer stations throughout the event area.

Treadway Events recommends all of our clients hire security professionals for their events over 25 guests. Create an attendee persona. You may have already done this in the audience size section of this plan. Think about who your audience is, their interests, and what kind of sponsors they may be interested in.

Knowing these details will help you create a list of prospective companies or products to reach out to regarding sponsorship opportunities for your event. Next, determine the goals and objectives of said prospective sponsors. Survey them before opening up conversations about sponsorship opportunities. Please, do not create a tiered sponsorship package and bulk mail it. Create custom proposals to send to each sponsor and focus on higher dollar amounts. Your plan will take you some time, but the overall ROI will be much higher.

Determine the overall theme and format of your event by hosting brainstorm sessions with your core event stakeholders and committee members. Your ideas could affect your venue, sponsor, and menu decisions so that you could tackle this earlier in the planning process.

The evnets overall theme and format will make it easier to create your marketing strategy. Will this be a day-long event? Will it take place over an entire weekend or maybe the whole week? You could incorporate best practices in the industry, emerging trends, areas of development, etc. Along with the event theme, it is also essential to decide which format you would host your event. Is it going to be large seminars or fireside chats? Maybe a tradeshow?

Determine the form, then move onto the theme. What kind of decor, what color patterns, what type of furniture, and props? Will the colors consist of your company branding and logos? Start drafting up a site plan that shows where everything should be located. How many staff are in each area, the number of seats in a specific space, etc.

At this stage of the planning, you are in an excellent position to fix your event ticket price. Like all other aspects discussed above, it should be based on real and authentic data. Much do similar events cost? What value are you delivering to your attendees? How many sponsors have you managed to secure? What benefits are you offering them? What would be unique takeaways for your attendees? Write these down clearly on a large whiteboard when deciding the ticket price. Research time again!

How much do other events similar to your cost? What is your minimum break-even point, and how much of a profit would you like to make on each guest? Is there enough value to justify the ticket price? Write this all down on a large whiteboard when determining your rate. These are all critical things to consider that can make or break your event. Keep them intrigued by a variety of entertainers throughout the event. From escape artists to aerialists and live bands, Treadway Events can help you determine the best style of entertainment for any corporate event.

We highly recommend working with a professional event planner for the entire planning process to guarantee a successful and profitable event. These are just a shortlist of possibilities. The list goes on! Reach out to your preferred vendors, set up an event overview meeting, and then an on-site walkthrough once more of your event details are finalized. Communication here is especially important. We recommend buying a theme from a provider like themeforest.

Otherwise, look for a skilled graphic designer to help get your website up and running. This website is going to be where you recognize sponsors, offer attendees event details, sell tickets, and collect attendee information. Make it accessible from a variety of devices and make sure your grandmother understands it! Again, make sure the branding and style of the website match the theme, tone, and goals of your event. These providers all offer ways to incorporate ticketing on your website ticket page.

By working with a ticketing provider, it makes getting paid, giving refunds and running sales reports MUCH easier. Keep in mind that they will typically charge a service fee that can be passed on to the buyer. Your promotion plan will vary depending on the type of event. There may not be a whole lot of promotion for an internal celebration besides just a few emails sent from HR departments.

In contrast, a large conference will need to invest a good chunk of change into advertising on social media, google search ads, and email campaigns to get ticket sales. If you have an internal marketing team, schedule a time to sit down with them and figure out your required ad spend to reach your desired audience.

Finalize an exact method of how you intend to promote your event and write it down in a content spreadsheet or on a shared drive, so your event team understands it. Start creating content to promote your event. This consists of email campaign graphics, videos, flyers, posters, online advertisements, banner ads, and blog posts. Your in-house content team should coordinate closely with the marketing teams involved to make sure everything is aligned well.

A successful event is measured not just by how many people attend but by specific pre-specific metrics.

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