How to remix hip hop

how to remix hip hop

Chris Brown, Young Thug, Future, Lil Durk & Mulatto Unleash 'Go Crazy' Remix Video: Watch

The first thing to consider when planning a Hip Hop remix is to decide if you are going to keep the general focus of the song the same as the original while just adding Hip Hop elements to the track such as a rap verses and/or beat replacement or if you are going to change perspective of the song from say a female point of view to a male point of view or vice versa. Oct 12,  · WHO LOVES CUSTOM JEWELRY?Check out for affordable cute custom necklaces, bracelets, earrings, & anklets!LIt Hip Hop Pep Rally Mix, Hip H Author: Dj Dom.

Hip-hop and house. Two genres that often play well together music production wise, but not necessarily in sharing fan bases. We are, however, seeing more collaborations across genres and solid remixes from a variety of Rfmix subgenres contributing to building that bridge.

When done well, the integrity of the vocals, feel, and sometimes even beat elements of the track are maintained while house elements like builds, drops, and a four-on-the-floor beat structure gives it that extra something. Deep house, bass house, and tech house tend to mix most congruently with a lot of the darker, slower hip-hop that is currently in style.

Here we will not shy away from some of the gow and most viral hits of the moment to showcase some versions that we think sound cool and worth a listen. Love or hate everything about this hjp, its current hkp across the music industry is undeniable. Along for the ride are all of how to remix hip hop fun ish BPM edits this vocal will mesh with nicely. Technically not a remix but notably we have Sevenn giving it the Brazilian bass treatment.

While actually released in the summer ofthis track became most viral in the latter part of and is not going away from DJ playlists anytime soon as long as it continues to shake buildings with crowd reaction.

Add some Crankdat trap flavor with a high-tempo, monster-energy Moski bass house drop and we now have a recipe to rekix bring down some less stable structures and earn ourselves a speeding ticket.

A widely accepted crowd favorite, Drake 's highly memorable verse, "She's in love with who I am The dark bass synths and s are used what is the wind speed on pluto with well grooved percussive elements really sets a nice balance of between the house and how to remix hip hop elements.

Ho gotten compliments on this remix from hip-hop and house heads alike when playing out. I tend to speed it up on the breaks, especially for the Remx part.

What would this list be without Cardi B? Her more recent hits have tended to produce how to remix hip hop memorable remlx remixes than house. This version by ESH maintains a remux beat during the main vocals while dropping into a fun and approachable house beat with Cardi B and pitched male vocal chops.

I like the subtle use melodic pianos and pads while still keeping this very bass focused and energetic. This one just makes me smile and creates a really fun vibe with the nu-disco elements with how to paint the letters on your tires use of brass instruments and groove. I love it, hope you will too, and will leave it at that. This is a chill, futurish house version of Middle Child that I definitely bow on throwing into the mix, especially at some day parties this summer.

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May 08,  · I've gotten compliments on this remix from hip-hop and house heads alike when playing out. I tend to speed it up on the breaks, especially for the Drake part. Cardi B - Money (ESH Remix). 1 day ago · Breezy announced the hot lineup Tuesday (Feb. 16) and unveiled the cartoon cover art featuring all five hip-hop stars. "Let me show u how to bring the . HIP HOP REMIXES and more: Rap Remixes + more By Electrify Playlists. Best Hip Hop Remixes released during and previous years. songs. Play on Spotify.

Making music is exciting. This thing will get you set up with making remixes in no time. Making a remix or bootleg is always different from making an original. Sometimes it can be easier because the ideas already exist, and other times it can be more difficult. You sit down at your DAW with endless possibilities and combinations of sounds in front of you. Read on to learn how to remix a song. Pick a song that you think would benefit from a remix. Note: this also applies when being asked to do remixes.

After choosing a song to remix, take a good listen to the original and write down any ideas that come to mind. Whatever comes to mind, write it down. Take notes. Having a general plan that you can refer back to when stuck in a rut is invaluable.

It helps you stay on task and work on the important. And despite what many argue, planning does not inhibit creativity! Before starting a remix, why not do a bit of brainstorming? The result? Tip: Consider the audience. Are they looking for a club friendly remix, or something more radio friendly? Keeping these in mind will increase your chance of success. Listening to other remixes is a great way to spark some thought and creativity.

I might, for example, take out the intro, outro, and choruses of an original track and only use the breakdown which contains a vocal, then build upon that.

Note: some songs have very little going on, e. These tracks are a joy to bootleg as a lot of the content can be used. Working with the material given to you instead of against it is essential. Respect the original and work with the content given to you. Tip: Listen through the stems and find ones that inspire you. Delete the rest, and build upon those. Just like building a game plan, the arrangement gives you a sense of direction and allows you to step back to look at how your remix is developing as a whole.

As soon as you have ideas down, sketch out a basic arrangement. You should have it down quicker than you would normally when working on an original, because you already have a few ideas handed to you. This way, I have the arrangement in place from the start. I may change the arrangement later on in the production process, but I benefit from building on a solid foundation. Want tips on how to write and arrange better music? Check out Songwriting For Producers.

You can hear it at 7 seconds in. Sometimes you might just want to add a little extra to the original, or expand on ideas. Using parts of the original track for fills and transitions is a great way to spice up your remix. For example, you could take 1 bar of the original, stick it at the end of a bar phrase in your remix, automate some phaser and filters to create an awesome transitional effect.

There are many other ways to use the original audio, so get creative! Want to impress the listener? Get creative with stems!

You can make stems your own with enough processing. Reverse and chop up acapellas, apply heavy distortion to bass sounds, the possibilities are endless. I find it helpful to think of a remix as an original track. Creating your own chord progression or melody in a remix offers yet another level of originality and can often be a tasteful twist.

This will force you to reinterpret the original stems, creating something that varies from the original. Not only is it ultra fun, but you learn a lot about how other people work and often end up in a more motivated and creative state than you would working by yourself.

Collaborating on a remix is just as fun, if not more fun than collaborating on an original. I once downloaded stems for a remix competition that I never finished and ended up with a 1GB file containing WAV files for every single track.

There was no way I was going to use everything. The best way to do this is to practice; remake a melody every day. You could also check out the music theory ear training exercises here. This also helps with Tip Learning music theory is important as well. Tip: It helps to know the key of the original track. Try to find the key online, or use a software such as Mixed in Key to determine the key of the original.

A great way to realize this is to add your musical signature to the track. This helps add character to the remix, making it stand out amongst all others. Further, having your own musical signature is a great way to give the listener a sense of cohesion among all your tracks, making them more likely to remember you and your music.

Not sure what I mean? Learn about how Pharrell Williams always has the same intro on all his songs. Does the main idea in the original track not do it for you? Too weak? Too boring? My suggestion? Make an alternative mix. Additionally, remixes are a great time to flex your producer muscles, so if you have too many ideas, you can create a different verse or chorus in each section, as long as the overall progression of the remix feels natural.

Note: this can also be applied to original tracks if you have too many ideas. Whenever I get contracted to do a remix this is the first thing I ask for. Deadlines help you stay motivated and finish tracks. Next time you do a remix, why not use a few of these tips? There are tons of mistakes to be made, hundreds of YouTube tutorials telling you the right and wrong way to do things…. Learn how to master the fundamentals of electronic music production with the best roadmap for new producers.

Learn Production. So you want to remix a song? The good news is that once you do, making a remix is pretty damn straightforward. But how do you get started?

How do you learn the necessary skills to create a remix? Sam Matla. Hobbies including producing, drinking coffee, and reading. Drop me a line on Twitter and follow me on Instagram sammatla.

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