How to spell bare in mind

how to spell bare in mind

Bear vs. BareWhats the Difference?

The correct expression is to bear (something) in mind. It simply means that you need to keep something in mind (= remember it). The expression 'bear in mind' makes use of the verb to bear, which has many meanings, such as to hold, to carry, to keep and is even used as a verb to describe the act of birth. The correct phrase is bear in mind. It's "bear in mind." One of the meanings of bear is to hold up or support. The only meanings of bare are in the context of lacking, including lacking clothes.

Homophones sound the same but are spelled differently. People often confuse homophone pairs, and bare and bear are no exception. Which phrase is correctbear with me or bare with me? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites. Besides being the name of a big furry animal, bear functions as a verb.

It means to tolerate, to carry something, or to endure. The grizzly bear seemed friendly, but we wisely kept our distance. She could hardly bear the thought of selling her beloved bars car. Bre is too cold to go outside with bear arms. Bare functions as an adjective or a verb.

As an adjective, it can mean minimal, naked, uncovered, or without supplies. The verb bare means to reveal or open something to view.

The cupboard was bare. Darlene had no idea why she began to bare her heart to the stranger. The backpack weighed thirty pounds, a heavy burden to bare.

To forbear means to be patient despite annoyance or provocation. Encapsulated what is locked jaw symptoms the word forbear is the verb bear. If you associate bear with the meaning and spelling of forbearyou will never confuse it with bare.

Here are some phrases that contain bear or bare. These phrases might have confused you before, but you should easily understand them now. For instance, is it bear with me or bare with me? Words dazzle and deceive how to spell bare in mind what does flagged mean on facebook are mimed by the face. But baee words on a white page are the soul laid bare. Guy de Maupassant. Do you think I am an automaton?

I have decided to stick to love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. Martin Luther King Jr. Real-time suggestions, wherever how to spell bare in mind write. Bear vs. Shundalyn Allen. Colons vs. Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox. Write with confidence. Get real-time suggestions wherever you write.

Bear In Mind or Bare In Mind?

I always struggle to spell the town Grimsby (luckily its not a word I have to type often). And I have to really think about the homonyms bear and bare. Is it bare that in mind or bear that in mind? So this post is for me as much as it is for you. Bare means lacking a . Jan 28, Bear in mind means keep in mind. Bear in mind that the forecast calls for rain today. Bear the cost (or expense) means to pay for something. The company considered hiring additional staff, but it couldnt bear the cost. Bare minimum means the least possible. Keep costs to a bare minimum. Bear weight means support. The builders designed the structure to bear weight. Jun 29, Although bare and bear are often mixed up, one way to cut down on confusion is by keeping this trick in mind: when used as a verb, think of bare as uncovering or revealing. For example: the robber bared his weapon or the doctor asked the patient to bare his abdomen for the examination.

Anyone who speaks English or who is learning English often make mistakes when writing words that sound the same but have different spelling. Bear in mind or bare in mind are words of this nature and are called homophones.

Noun : bear is a large animal that lives in the woods or forests of many countries around the world. They are wild animals with long claws that are very strong. Bare spelled in this form, it is an adjective and verb. In British English, it is also used as a determiner and adverb.

The phrase gives the figurative idea of literally having something on your mind , like carrying or supporting it. It is, therefore, using the figurative verb tense. Can you think of a sentence where you could use this phrase bear in mind? If so, please write it below! Bear in mind our other articles on the website, why not take a peek at them?

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