How to top up oyster card for free

how to top up oyster card for free

Oyster Travelcard Value

If you plan to use pay as you go, travelling with a contactless payment card is a good alternative. You don't need to top up your card before you travel or worry about running out of credit. Pay as you go fares and daily caps are the same as Oyster. If you need to add more value/credit to your Oyster Travelcard you can simply 'top up' at one of the machines in the stations, or by going to one of the Transport for London ticket desks. Any credit you don’t use can be kept on the Oyster Travelcard for use at a later date.

Are you a student in London and want to max your benefits you can get on your oyster student card? Here are some super simple and effective tips for you to get the best out of your oyster card. It is simply the cheapest method to travel within London and a great source of saving for students using the oyster card to travel to their campuses.

Over Million Journeys have been made since this card was modified and issued as a contactless card back in It is that smart blue card which is issued by Transport for London which you can use on almost every travel mode in London. Students living in London use the oyster card frequently as they frequent between campus, residence halls and their workplaces. Before what types of bronchitis are there can enjoy the benefits of the oyster card, you need to get it through Transport for London.

Simply go to Transport for London oyster cards page and apply online. Once you make your choice, you can create an account, fill in the details and card will be delivered to your postal address. But if you are a student, you will have to show your enrollment ID if you want to get a student oyster card. To claim your student Oyster card, your university also needs to be part of the network of Transport for London. Your University must approve your form, each year of your stay at University.

Though it is not much but still students can get a small reduction in the fare when they use their card. Having described all the so-called theory, here are some really great and simple tips to maximise your benefits on student oyster card:. If you can limit your travel during the off-peak times, your best bet is to go to Tube office and get your railcard loaded onto your Oyster card.

This card also offers other discounts and benefits including holiday attractions discounts and some how to top up oyster card for free in restaurants also. TFL has issued contactless cards and many students have the option to either get a contactless oyster card or continue with traditional one. The benefit of using a contactless card is that you not only track your travel history but can easily get refunds. Due to some small loopholes in TFL fare pricing, there are what was the didgeridoo used for really small savings on using contactless cards also.

You simply pay the fare for how to top up oyster card for free journey i. For example, if you are travelling in zoneyou can pay a maximum of 6.

If you used up this amount on individual journeys then you can have all your remaining journeys during the day for free. To link both the cards, all you have to do is to ask underground tube ticket staff to do it for you.

You can get off-peak discounted fare if you link both the cards. This combo is also good as it offers you the flexibility to travel outside London on discounted fare by using your railcard.

If you follow above mentioned simple hacks, you can save tons of money on your student oyster card. I love to experiment and test new products with an aim to create informative contents for readers like you. It is my aim to make this site a leading source of information and reviews to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. If you are looking to find an answer to how to fix a weedy lawn, this short post will help you do it easily with step by step instructions in easy-to-do steps.

Want to know how to drain oil from lawn mower? This short guide how to top up oyster card for free help you understand the process and how you can easily do so without any help. Skip to content. Using Oyster card for the students, however, comes up with a lot of benefits also.

Table of Contents. How to get Oyster Card for Students? How to get a Student Oyster Card? How Much discount you can get on your student oyster card? Use Tube in off-peaks and Use your railcard. Get Contactless card to get Refunds easily.

Get Benefit of Capping if you travel frequently. What is the score in the liverpool match your railcard with student Oyster Card.

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If you're transferring your credit or discount to a new Oyster card, make at least one journey with it first, wait 24 hours, and then sign in to your contactless and Oyster account. You need to use. Apr 13,  · Adding Auto Top-Up to a child’s Zip Oyster photocard should be as easy as it is to do the same for an adult Oyster Card but Transport for London . Children under 5 travel free with a fare paying adult - check your fare Zip Oyster photocard All children aged between travel for free on our transport services.

It is what Londoners tend to use on a daily basis for commuting, and it is normally the cheapest way for tourists to get around London. In this article we will explain what the Oyster card actually is, how it works and how to decide if it is the right option for you if you are planning a trip to London. Paying for your travel in London with an oyster card is much cheaper than paying for single tickets, but we will tell you how this works in detail in this article.

To use the oyster card for travelling on the London Underground, Overground, DLR or trains you simply have to touch the yellow card reader with your oyster card that is located to your right at the barriers. The barriers will open as soon as you touch the yellow reader if there is enough balance on the oyster card.

Once you have completed your journey you will need to touch the yellow reader again with your oyster card for the barriers to open. The fare that you pay using an oyster card will be calculated at the time you touch the yellow reader at the exit barriers.

The fare will depend on the travel zones that you have travelled to and from, and the time of the day that you have travelled, as there are peak and off peak fares. This is why one oyster card is needed for each person. If you fail to touch the reader with your oyster card when you enter or you exit you will pay the maximum fare possible as a fine, so if you get to the station and you find that the barriers are open make sure you use your oyster card to touch the reader anyway to make sure you pay the right fare.

To use the oyster card for getting around London on the bus, you only have to touch the yellow reader with your oyster card when you enter the bus. There is a reader next to the driver, and another one by the back door on the new double decker buses. Every time you touch the yellow reader with your oyster card when you enter any form of transport the screen will let you know what the remaining balance of your oyster card is.

Every time you touch the yellow reader with your oyster card when you exit any form of transport, the screen will let you know what the remaining balance of your oyster card is and what fee you have paid for the journey you have just finished. At these stations you will be able to buy an oyster card at the ticket office or at one of the self-service machines.

You can also buy the oyster card at the Heathrow airport underground station and you can also buy a Visitor Oyster Card at Gatwick airport train station. You will find self-service machines at each underground, overground, TFL rail and DLR stations where you will be able to top up your oyster card. In order to do so, you just need to tap your oyster card on the yellow card reader and follow the instructions. You can top up your oyster card with cash or you can choose to add a travelcard onto your oyster card.

Travelcards entitle you to unlimited travel for the zones and number of days chosen. Normally, if you are going to be spending more than 5 days in London then a 7 day travelcard is probably advisable, but if you are going to be in London less than 5 days then we would recommend that you just use your oyster card with pay as you go, and top it up when necessary.

Once you have paid for your top up, you need to confirm the transaction by tapping the yellow reader again with your oyster card. Do not forget that you must tap the yellow reader with your oyster card twice: at the beginning and at the end. To return your oyster card, you just need to tap the yellow reader with your oyster card and choose refund or return oyster card. It is possible to use a contactless debit or credit card to pay for public transport in London.

To do this, you simply need to touch in and out on the yellow reader when using it for travel on the underground or overground and trains or DLR, or just touching in when you get on a bus.

One contactless card is needed for each person. The rates that apply when using contactless card are exactly the same as when using oyster card, with the same daily capping. The only drawback is that if you are not a UK citizen your bank may charge you commission, and this could actually make travelling in London much more expensive than using an oyster card. The travelcard is the other transport pass available for use to travelling in London. You can buy 1 day, 7 day, monthly or annual travelcards for specific transport zones in London.

The 7 day travelcard is useful if you are going to spend more than 5 days in London, as for anything else I would normally still recommend that you used oyster card pay as you go.

We moved to London Yes, the best city in the world in , and since then we have been discovering everything that this fantastic city has to offer.

We regularly plan our friends' trips to London, so we thought we would create PlanTripLondon. Question If you get on a bus , use your card and get charged 1. Hope that helps! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents hide. The Oyster Card is a reusable pay-as-you-go plastic magnetic card, of the size of a credit card which can be topped up with cash. You can use an oyster card to travel on the London underground and buses, as well as other transport methods such as overground, DLR docklands light rail , TFL rail, some trains within London transport zones and boats on the Thames.

It works exactly like a normal oyster card, with pay as you go credit that you can top up and it applies the same fares.

The main difference is that it normally has a picture of London and it will also entitle you to discounts and offers in different shops or restaurants in London. The visitor oyster card can be bought online and it will be sent to you by post before you travel or at visitor centres in London. Visitor Oyster Card Discounts Certain shops and restaurants in London will apply a discount or entitle you to a special offer when you show the Visitor Oyster Card.

Some of these discounts are the following but there are many more :. How does the oyster card work? Top top up, you just need to use of the machines at a ticket office, you can use cash or card to top up your oyster card and you simply follow the instructions on the screen. It is also important to bear in mind daily capping applies to journeys on public transport in London when using an oyster card. This maximum daily cap will depend on the travel zones that you have travelled on the day.

Once you have reached the maximum day fare for the travel zones that you have travelled through, you will be able to travel on public transport for the same travel zones using your oyster card for free. This maximum daily cap is what makes using an oyster card cheaper than a 1 day travelcard — as the daily cap on oyster is less than what a daily travelcard costs. Previous Article What to do on a Saturday in London.

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