How to use plan b android

how to use plan b android

Taking Plan B

Dec 28,  · Now, thanks to Lookout Labs, you can turn to Plan B. More specifically, if you lost your phone and did not install Lookout Mobile Security, or any other location tracking service, simply go . How to install and use Plan B Once your android device is lost, visit the Google Play web site on any system, search for Plan B, and download the Input your misplaced device’s specifications and install the application. The app will then be installed remotely on Upon installation, Plan B will 10/10(1).

Android: If you ever lose your phone and don't have a contingency plan in place, you can remotely install Plan B on your phone and locate it instantly. We've featured a few ways to find your lost or stolen phonebut they all require that you set up the system beforehand.

Plan B, on the other hand, lets you remotely install it using the Android Market Web interface and immediately sends you the phone's coordinates after it does. You don't need to configure it, create an account, or do anything else—-its location will just show up in your Gmail. It'll track your phone for 10 minutes, emailing you updates if it moves, after which you can just text the word "Locate" to your phone to track it again. For some phones, it can even turn on GPS if it's turned off though it'll need what are the four main layers of the atmosphere internet connection if you're installing the app remotely.

It doesn't have any of the data wiping or other mobile security that something like Prey would, but if you never installed a security app to begin with, it's a good second plan of attack in finding your phone.

Plan B is a free download for Android 2. I don't get it, something is missing here. If I can track my phone without installing anything, than anyone else can track my phone without my knowledge. The A. Tech Downloads. Whitson Gordon. How to use plan b android This Story.

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Jan 10,  · Log into the Google Play Store on your desktop computer using the email address linked to your lost/stolen phone. Search for Plan B, and install the app. Once installed, Plan B will automatically start to send you emails with the location of your phone. Nov 14,  · To install Plan B on the phone you only have to visit the Google Play store, click on the install button on the Plan B website, and make sure the app gets installed on the stolen or lost phone. The application gets installed if the phone is on, has some form of mobile connection, and your user account is still associated with it. Enter PlanB software for Android mobile devices. PlanB lets you find your lost or stolen phone even if the app wasn't installed before hand! As long as the phone is on and connected to the internet, just remote install from Google Play and the service will send you emails with your phones location as it determines where it is!6/10(29).

But what if you somehow lose your mobile without any security app installed on it? Effectively, the app is your last-ditch effort to save your Android phone. Each location mail notifies you of accuracy rating in meters to give you a good idea of the exact coordinates of your device. Remember that location is only sent to the Gmail address associated with your device.

The mechanism remains active for 10 minutes and a new mail with fresh coordinates is received after frequent intervals. This particular feature of Plan B is useful to locate lost device that is moving constantly. By having your device location displayed on the map, you can trace it down easily.

The only caveat in successfully and remotely tracking your lost device via Plan B is that the internet connection must be enable on the device.

Provided said condition is met, Plan B will automatically trigger the GPS on the device, and start transmitting the location at frequent intervals via mail. Plan B is a unique solution in its own respect as it does not need to be installed and configured beforehand. The app can prove to be handy especially for locating lost devices. Download Plan B for Android. Maybe our detailed guide on lost phones and personal information security can help you in this regard. If the phone is on the ICS operating system will it work?

Ok here is a situation my friend is facing right now. The stolen mobile is switched off and we have remotely requested plan B installation over the air installation from android market. Your email address will not be published.

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