Poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map

poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map

Skullduggery Island

Walk all the way to the building with the two old men in it, where you read the parchment. They will give you the treasure map and a bone shovel to dig with. Exit the building and get back on your ship. Head south towards the treasure island. Aug 22,  · A simple tut about skullduggery island ending quest is to find the treasure hidden in Skullduggery Island. just watch the video for more info ^^^^^SUBSCRIBE^^^^^ POPTROPICA.

Asked by Wiki User. Assembling all 5 pieces reveals poptropuca hidden island, called Skullduggery, at the lower center of poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map map. Near the game's end, you will go there to find the Buried Treasure. There is a dock at the bottom side of the small island, Skullduggery. The island appears when you have collected all 5 of the pieces of the Treasure Map.

I wish i knew. The treasure is on a secret island which is revealed after you find all pieces of the map, called Skullduggery. But I don't know how to get it yet. It is the sixth, small island that is foggy.

It is the real gst island". It is just southeast down and right from the Pirate Outpost, and directly west left of Golden Harbor. It will appear on the map formed when you collect all five map pieces. Collect the five map pieces one on each of the trading islands and join them to see the sixth island, Skullduggery. Once it appears on the map, you can actually go there, what is hulu plus com nothing happens there until the end of the game.

The buried treasure is hidden poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map a hidden island, Skullduggery, that will only appear when you join the five pieces of the treasure map.

Once you have the map, and chase off Captain Crawfish, you can get the location to dig up the treasure. The 5 pieces of how to put pictures on your iphone passcode treasure map reveal another small island Skullduggery where a secret treasure treasuge buried.

Once you get rid of Captain Crawfish, it will be safe for the villagers to recover it, and the Governor will send you to dig it up. Once you have all 5 map pieces, the new island Skullduggery appears near the Pirate Outpost. But there is nothing you poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map do there until you acquire a Phoenix Warbird and defeat Captain Crawfish in battle. Once that is done, return to the governor in Fort Ridley and he will give you the map to the treasure on Skullduggery, and a shovel to dig it up.

There is a secret island on Skullduggery Island, and in fact that is its name : Skullduggery. It will appear on the treasure map and actually in the open sea when all five pieces of the map are assembled.

It is near the bottom center, between the Pirate Outpost and Golden Harbor. The small island Skullduggery Island appears once you have all of the map pieces, and view them together. However, you can't do anything there until you how do i customize my iphone 4s beaten Captain Crawfish.

Once you have, see the governor to get the location of the treasure. You can then travel to the island to dig it up.

You don't return any map pieces if you're talking about skullduggery. Collect the 5 map pieces, one from each what does chewing tobacco cause the trading islands, and the hidden island will appear on the map. You cannot do anything there until you have defeated Captain Crawfish. It is on the 6th outlying island Skullduggery which only appears when you have assembled the poprropica pieces of the map.

Once you have the map, and have defeated Captain Crawfish in battle, the Governor will give you the Treasure Location card and a bone shovel. Then you can dig up the treasure on the mysterious island. Skullduggery Island. Joining the map pieces reveals a new small island named Skullduggery, just to the right of the Pirate Outpost. However, there is nothing to do there until you defeat Captain Crawfish. Once he is beaten, go back to the governor and he will give you the treasure location, and you can go to Skullduggery dkullduggery dig it up.

I think you go on Skullduggery and there is a secret island that appears on the map after all five pieces are assembled. You can get the pieces of the map in any order, so any one could be the "last" piece.

You can't find the treasure until you have the location from the Governor at Fort Ridley. When you have beaten Captain Crawfish, and have all five pieces of the map, see the governor to get the location card and the Bone Shovel.

Return to Skullduggery Island to dig up the treasure. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Dragon Cove -- go to the water's edge with the old fisherman. Sink the floating statue to uncover a Mallet. Slide the fisherman to the right, past the giant Bell Gong, to the first barrel. When you use the Mallet on the Gong, fish will jump from the water, allowing the old man to catch one, and he will give you the map piece.

Hhe Bay -- At the hanging plants, jump into the 3rd, then the 1st, then the 2nd plant to get the map piece. Parrot Poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map -- There is a parrot flying around who leads you on a chase. First go to Petey's Pirate Pub and get the Cracker from the upper left. Now the parrot will have you dive into the sea, block a smoking chimney, and find him at a palm tree at the far right.

He tteasure you to contact his owner, a pirate atop the tower at treasute left. Once you have, you can use the Cracker to lure the parrot back to the tower, what does phosphorus do in fertilizer you receive the map piece. You may have to dunk yourself and block the chimney again to find the parrot. Golden Harbor -- There are 5 hanging street lights, and after lighting any of themlighting another will turn others what does randy jackson make on american idol. Counting from the left, you need the 1st, treasuge, and 4th lights on.

The way to accomplish this is to light the 4th, then the 2nd, then the 1st in that order. Leaving the dock and returning will reset the lights. Skullduggdry piece appears in a draped skullduggsry. Pirate Outpost -- Climb the giant skull cliff, jumping over the pirates to avoid being knocked back. At the top of the tall mast is a Cannon Starter kit to use on any of the 4 cannons, but only the one at lower left is important.

On the way back down. Position the barrel under the giant Golden Tooth of the stone skull. If you fire the cannon and hit the barrel, the blast shakes loose the Golden Tooth and reveals the map piece. Related Questions. Where is the map in Skullduggery Island? Is there a dock on Skullduggery Island? How do you find the treaser map for Skullduggery Island? How do you find the map pieces in Skullduggery Island in poptropica? Where do you find the treasure on skullduggery?

How do you get to skullduggery on skullduggery island? How do you reveal the new island skullduggery on Skullduggery Island? What do you do afeter you have completed the golden harbor island on skulldegery poptropica? Where do you get the treasure on Skullduggery Island? What do you do with the map on Skullduggery Island? What do you do on the little Skullduggery Island on Skullduggery Island? How do you get the secret island on poptropica? How do you get to the skullduggery island once you have the map?

Where is poptropica skullduggery how to get the treasure map map piece at pirate's cove on skullduggery? What do you do with the full map on Skullduggery Island? How do you return the map pieces to the man? What do you have to do to uncover the last island on Skullduggery Island?

Treasue do you find the five map pieces on How to run an .exe Island on poptropica? Where is the buried treasure on Skullduggery Island? Where is the map on golden harbor? What do you do once you have thd map completed on Skullduggery Island? Where are the map pieces in skullduggery? Are there any treasurf islands on poptropica? Where is the last piece of the treasure map on Skullduggery Island? What do you do when you reach skullduggery on Skullduggery Island?

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The Goverrnor will explain the story of the lost Treasure Map and will ask you to find the pieces and defeat the terrible pirate, Captain Crawfish. Walk outside the house and then go all the way back to where you started the quest. There is a fort here. Climb to the top of the tower and use the telescope. Position the barrel under the giant Golden Tooth of the stone skull. If you fire the cannon and hit the barrel, the blast shakes loose the Golden Tooth and reveals the map piece. Assembling all 5. Go right, jump off the dock, and swim to the island. If you look at the map the governor gave you, you'll find you have to walk six paces east of the flag for the treasure. Obviously, you can't count paces in Poptropica, but just go to raised (sort of) area just left of the palm tree. Then use the anti-curse shovel to get that treasure!

Set sail for adventure! Outwit cunning pirates and battle fierce sea monsters in the biggest Poptropica quest yet. Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea! Go right till you arrive at this small hill, then click to go right. Go under the hill and click go left. When you get there, pick up the Doubloon a type of coin that pirates use. Then head right until you see this shelf with a Broken Mirror on top.

Exit, then go left until you see this guy with chickens. Head further right till you see a bunch of rocks. Jump on the rocks till you reach the top and go right to find the mansion. Go inside the mansion and head right to talk to the governor.

Now, exit and go back to the first part of Fort Ridley. Climb up the building to find the telescope. Hint — Scroll the telescope all the way left. He comes back and he gives you his raft.

Go right till you find hanging ferns. Remember… is the order you need to hit. When you hit them in this order, a map piece will fall. Grab it. You will need to assemble the rest of your Skullduggery Archipelago Map by finding all the map pieces on various islands in this archipelago. To find this Map piece, you need to talk to the parrot. Jump in the ocean and then go on top of the second building not including the tower. He will be on this window. Go to the building to the right with the vent.

Stand on it to clog it, and then go right and jump in the last palm tree where the bird is in. To find the parrot, you need a Cracker , which is in the top left corner of the pub location indicated by the red outlined square in this picture :. To get this Map piece, you need to light the lamps in a specific order: the first, second, and fourth. Count the lamps and then do this. Light the fourth lamp first, which is right next to the gate.

Then light up second lamp, which is on the first building. Next, light the first lamp, which is the first lamp you saw when you came. If you light them up in this order, the map piece will come out of the gate next to the fourth lamp.

To get this one, you need to go to the very top of the place. Jump on the post and pick up the Cannon Starter Kit at the top near the cannonry, just under the Jolly Roger flag. You will also need to find an explosive barrel somewhere in the middle of the place.

Push the explosive all the way down under the golden tooth of the skull. Click on the cannon a little left of the big skull. When it hits the explosive, the gold tooth will fall out and then there will be a map piece sticking out. You will also receive a discount from the sticker price of the next ship depending on how strong your previous ship was.

Once you buy a new ship, your previous one will be gone. Although people have reported being able to defeat Captain Crawfish without the Phoenix Warbird, it is still recommended that you get it because it will make your final battle with him much easier than if you were using a weaker ship. You will need to gather doubloons 1 million or a little less to buy the Phoenix Warbird at Dragon Cove. Note that you will need patience, as it will take quite a while to gather all those doubloons.

You will also need doubloons to assemble your crew. The best way to gain a lot of doubloons is to go from island to island in a clockwise direction, buying as much of the cheapest item as you can, then selling it all on the next island where it becomes most expensive and buying max of the cheapest again.

Also, remember to collect salvages from the waters. After you have assembled your crew and purchased the Phoenix Warbird from Dragon Cove, go to Skullduggery Island, which will show up when you have gotten all five map pieces.

If he only has a little health left and you have a lot, run your ship into his. It drains health from you and him very quickly, so only do this when he has a tiny bit of health and you have a lot. He will die quickly. Once you defeat him, go back to the Governor in Fort Ridley and talk to him.

When you return to Skullduggery Island, walk six paces east right of the flag you see. Use your bone shovel to dig up the treasure, and Captain Crawfish will appear once again…. Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge. The enemy will keep ramming into the rock. Scratch that. I am also Serious Bird why would I lie about that?

Anyways can someone help me? Slanted Fish: You might want to restart the island click on the map in the corner and press restart. Thanks for all your help!!! Maybe I have the wrong person?

Also, you have to have bought a ship in order to fire them. Wish you could fire them on the raft though…. Whenever I go to get the doubloon, the new Poptropica settings or whatever prevent me from going under the hill. It teleports me on the opposite side of the mountain!

Is there anyway to avoid or fix this? I was really looking forward to doing this island after seeing everyone else chatter about this excitedly. A tip is that have the highest in one cargo spot and trade at the next port the cargo so you can get more of what you have!

I found it easy to make money here by traveling back and forth between Parrot Port and Bouffand Bay. Sell silk and buy medicine at bouffand bay and vice versa. I make about 1, doubloons each trade by buying and selling 60 units each. Sam, you said you make about 1, dbs doubloons each trade? Going from Parrot Port to Bouffant Bay, I sold all my silk and bought all the medicine I could carry my max was 60, too and according to my calculations, you can make 1, dbs.

I found a super easy way to sink other ships and sea monsters- lead them to red rocks, whirlpools, and storm clouds. I either salvage stuff or kill stuff for the loot and doubloons. I never take loans either. I have no idea how people can finish this in just a day. I visited this island again yesterday and honestly, this guide has been extremely helpful. Who do I owe? What is life? Why do I crave pizza? Okay, I bought a new ship. I thought the debt will be gone by buying a new ship.

The fricking debt is getting higher. How do you even? Nevermind, I never knew it was supposed to be paid on the Golden Harbor. Sorry for these pointless comments. To defeat sea monsters, you can hide behind any island where you can attack them but they cannot attack you. Or is the whole crew plus the Carrabelle enough? I have the Koi, going to get Phoenix Next. And I was like Whaaat?! If you answer i would truly appreciate it!

The medal is so close, yet so far…. If you do, be prepared to pay them back.

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