What animals live around the nile river

what animals live around the nile river

11 Fascinating Nile River Plants and Animals

Aug 05,  · There are a variety of animals that live near or on the Nile River, including the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, monitor lizard, perch, catfish, red-billed ibis and the pied kingfisher. The animal most synonymous with the Nile Rive may be the Nile crocodile. There are also soft-shelled turtles, lizards and 15 species of venomous snakes that live in the Nile River habitat. The hippopotamus also lives along the Nile River. The hippopotamus usually lives.

There are many animals that live in or around the fresh water of the Nile River. Most of them are reptiles. The most common reptile is the Nile Crocodile. The Nile Crocodile is the largest crocodile in Africa, and also one of the largest in the world. It can be as long as 20 feet, and can weigh up to 1, pounds.

It eats animals that come to the water to drink. There are also soft-shelled turtles, lizards and 15 species of venomous snakes that live in the Nile What animals live around the nile river habitat. Explore the Nile River. Search this site. Welcome to Ms. Characteristics and Geographical Features of the Nile River.

Animals Along the Nile River. Nile River Delta. Nile River Flooding. The Aswan High Dam. Assessing Your Knowledge. There are also many different kinds of fish in the Nile River.

The Nile Perch can weigh up to pounds. Other fish include the tiger fish, lungfish, catfish, mudfish and eels. Why do you think the Nile River is home to such a wide variety of animals?

The hippopotamus also lives along the Nile How to train your dragon book author. The hippopotamus usually lives in a group of 10 to They often walk on the bottom of lakes. The hippopotamus is an herbivore, which means it eats plants.

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11 Fascinating Nile River Plants and Animals Bamboo. Large bamboo plants, Africa. Some of the areas near the Nile ’s origin are home to tropical rainforests, and Banana plant. Banana plant, with bunches of green bananas above large purple-red bracts that contain yellowish flowers. Hippopotamus. Plant and animal life. People. The Nile flows through regions inhabited by a wide variety of peoples, from the Bantu-speaking populations of the Lake Victoria area to the Economy. Irrigation. The most common reptile on the banks of the Nile is the Nile Crocodile. The Nile Crocodile is one of the largest Crodiles in the world. They eat any big animal that comes to the river to drink and will hold the animal underwater until it drowns, and then eat it. The Nile crocodile can be as long as 20 feet and can weigh as much as 1, pounds.

There are a vast number of animals that live in and around the River Nile, attracted by its fertile waters. The majority of these are reptiles and over species of fish, along with hippos, rhino and the many small land animals and birds living near the plentiful supply of water.

The most well-known and common reptile to be found in the River Nile area is the famous Nile crocodile. The Nile crocodile is well known for being a vicious predator, catching gazelle, wildebeest, and other mid-sized mammals and drowning them, then leaving them to rot until they are ready to eat.

With a potential adult length of 20 feet and weighing in at over 1, lbs. The Nile monitor is a large species of lizard found in many parts of the Nile River basin. This aggressive, carnivorous reptile can grow to over 7 feet in length and feeds on small animals, fish, and birds.

With a strong jaw, sharp teeth and nails, and a whip-like tail, it can potentially harm large animals and humans too, yet, despite this, it is sometimes kept as a pet. With yellow-orange stripes and spots on a muddy coloured body, this is a distinctive reptile best observed from a distance. Originally indigenous to Egypt, this seemingly slow and ponderous creature is actually vicious and destructive, and feared by many.

Feared to be near extinction, these endangered animals can occasionally be seen along the Nile River. All rhinos are herbivores, finding food by either grazing or browsing. The rhino horn is considered hugely valuable for Chinese medicine and dagger handles, and illegal poaching has caused a rapid drop in numbers.

The Nile perch is one of the better-known River Nile fish species and is a valuable food fish. Silver in colour with a blue tinge and yellow-rimmed eyes, the Nile perch can reach an impressive 2 metres in length and is a fierce predator among its kind. The red-tailed Nile catfish lives on the bottom of the Nile, eating things that filter down from above. Regarded as unsuitable for food by many cultures, the catfish population continues to flourish.

River Nile.

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