What is a silver calcium car battery

what is a silver calcium car battery

Replacement battery, regular lead acid or silver calcium?

Silver Calcium Batteries – Informative overview The range of batteries provided by Platinum International are suitable for fitment on all Ford vehicles, including those manufactured from onwards. Across Europe, Ford only fitted Silver Calcium batteries until , after Calcium/Calcium battery were fitted as standard. CA / CA batteries are conventional lead batteries with calcium doped plates. This metal is very small, but even at a concentration of about %, it is possible to achieve higher performance of the energy storage device. In addition to calcium, silver can be added in the production of this type of battery.

Original Poster. Gassing Station » Ford. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Replacement battery, regular lead acid or silver calcium? Following another thread on electrical problems on daughter in laws Fiesta diesel I thought it would be fairly straightforward until I saw the word Calcium on the OEM part. Various web articles suggest that the ford cars use a silver calcium battery and that a regular lead acid how to attach easton knee savers is unsuitable?

Others disagree. Thanks in advance. YTee 77 posts 49 months. A regular lead acid battery will start and run the car fine assuming it has a cold cranking rating of at least as high as the original battery. However, it's not quite that simple. Silver Calcium is an improvement over standard lead acid, and is more efficient at charging, holding charge, and delivering current when it's needed.

It doesn't need to be a Ford part assuming you're out of warranty anyway how does paint stop corrosion, but I would choose not to reduce the specification of the battery from the manufacturer's guidelines, but by all means improve upon it if you choose to pay the extra. Either way, start by checking the battery specification Ford suggest.

Raynkar posts 73 months. Sorry for the late reply. If the car needs a silver calcium battery that's what you have to fit. A normal lead acid battery won't charge correctly, could get too hot due to the smart charge system and will fail prematurely.

Lead acid batteries in Ford cars that need silver calcium batteries often only last months whereas a silver calcium battery should last years. The Bosch S4 and S5 are the most popular silver calcium fits to replace OEM batteries, but it's worth noting the Varta direct equivalents to the S4 and S5 are made by the same company in the same factory, and are basically the exact same battery as the Boschs' but are cheaper in what is a silver calcium car battery. DaveNCasey 1 posts 8 months.

But where can I buy a genuine Silver What is a silver calcium car battery grid battery? Every supplier I tried AND manufacturer pretends they are selling the genuine alternative. Thet are not.

What are Lead Acid Batteries?

For systems designed for normal hybrid lead-acid batteries, if the original battery is replaced with a silver calcium battery, the existing v charging system will be insufficient to fully charge the battery. Silver-calcium batteries (calcium with additional silver alloying) Possible additional designation – Ca / Ag, “silver-calcium technology” Batteries with plates of lead-calcium alloy with the addition of new alloying components, including silver, which are resistant to deep discharges.4/5(1). There is another, less common type of calcium batteries – silver-calcium batteries (Ca/Ag). It is easy to guess that they, by analogy with the previous example, commonly referred to simply as silver. Plates of such batteries are made of lead-calcium alloy, which adds quite a bit of silver.

Silver Calcium alloy batteries are a type of lead-acid battery with grids made from lead - calcium - silver alloy, instead of the traditional lead-antimony alloy or newer lead-calcium alloy. They stand out for its resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures.

The result of this improvement is manifested in increased battery life and maintaining a high starting power over time. Technological improvements of this new alloy include increased corrosion resistance, greater resistance to high temperatures, longer shelf life, longer life of use mean 6 years , minimal self-discharge and as having the highest breakout. Silver calcium batteries generally require more charging voltage Alternators which never reach required voltage range will cause rapid sulfation due to battery never being charged fully.

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