What is websters chalk paint powder made of

what is websters chalk paint powder made of

Rustic Boutique Ballarat Stockist of Websters Chalk Paint Powder!!

Websters Chalk Paint Powder was created to answer consumer need for affordable chalk paint in an endless array of colors. Extensive research went into developing a product that could be added to ordinary latex paint- any brand, any color. We were successful in creating a product that eliminates the need for most sanding and priming, adheres beautifully to most surfaces, and offers extended . Websters Chalk Powder Bulk Box. Regular price $ Websters Chalk Powder Gallon Size.

I was intrigued because when added to any latex paint it turns it into chalk paint. As far as cost goes, the bag of powder with shipping was around seventeen dollars and will make a quart of paint. Let me add that I have tried making chalk what is websters chalk paint powder made of in the past with plaster of paris but it never really worked out too well. So, How to keep tank water clear ordered the powder and gave it a whirl!

What is websters chalk paint powder made of directions call to first mix 2 tablespoons of the chalk paint powder with one tablespoon of water. After mixing, add it to one cup of latex. I gave it a stir and then applied it to a very old coffee table that has been waiting a long, cold winter in my garage for its time to be redone!

The paint did apply easily, with no lumps, and was similar in texture to a quart of retail chalk paint. I ended up applying two coats to the table for good coverage. I was hoping it would sand easily and it did. It required a coarser grit sandpaper I used as compared to how to transfer print to wood super smooth grit paper that I typically use.

It sanded easily and distressed nicely. You can see below how the old leather top really pops with the sanding back it actually looks like it was crackle finished!

I was very pleased with the final smooth finish. I added a coat of clear wax for a durable finish and that gave it a great finishing touch. The chalk paint powder is a great alternative to the chalk paint retail quarts.

I would not use it to replace them the retail colors and paint itself is so great but I do love the idea of making my own chalk paint for smaller projects using any color I desire. Advertising Disclosure: Bargaineering may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website. How to remove userinit exe you for visiting The Painted Drawer!

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Feb 19, Purchase Websters: lovesdatme.com Meet Angela: lovesdatme.com Introducing the Affordable, All Na. Websters Chalk Paint Powder offers the benefits and ease of painting with the chalk paint, but without limited colors and without the price tag. The 'budget friendly' powder mix made by Websters can be added to any color and any brand of latex paint. A 4 oz bag of Websters retails for $ and will make 4 cups of chalk paint. Websters Chalk Paint Powder was created to answer the need for affordable chalk paint. Months and months They were trying to create a product that would eliminate the need for most sanding and priming. They wanted a paint that STUCK beautifully yet sanded smooth. Websters wanted a durable surface that was also soft.

Great post! Very useful and your instructions and process are so clear. I'm glad you didn't mess with the burl on top, that is a gorgious top, the overall effect makes it stand out more. Thnks for sharing Hugs The Glitter Tart. I'm in the middle of a homemade chalk paint project, and can I just say that I hate it? I've been putting off finishing this coffee table for 2 months now because I'm dreading it. Never again!

It looks like this powder works better than the plaster of paris disaster I found on Pinterest, though :. I think your table turned out beautiful and your bookcase on the left seems to highlight it even more. I've been thinking about painting an old dresser in chalk paint and I'm leaning towards Annie Sloan's. Although it still seems too expensive to me.

I don't like mixing stuff on my own. I can never duplicate the results if I need more. Still haven't gotten my nerve up to do this project, but every time I read about someone else doing it, I get excited all over again! Isn't it still latex paint?

Janet xox The Empty Nest. That was a great review of the product. I like how it came out and it is nice to know someone has really put it to the test. I love how your little table came out. I hope the hubby likes it painted! I do paint a lot for my business Blessings, Linda. I too have tried the Websters. I was pleased with it. Your table turned out great! Life to the full! Melissa DaisyMaeBelle. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

I have used AS chalk paint on several occasions but have not tried the powder. Good to know how they both perform and compare. Oh, and I like your little table. I love the pull out tray and I think it looks lovely painted. Sometimes we just get it in our head that we are sick of something and can't see it in any other light. I just dropped off a wing back chair at Goodwill that I was sick to death of so I understand but it is a pretty table. Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tues.

Have a great week. I hadn't heard of chalk paint powder, so I'm glad to have found your post. I've used plaster of paris and unsanded grout to make my own chalk paint, and of course, I've used the real thing and milk paint. From your post, I'm not sure that there's much of a cost benefit to using the powder versus buying Annie Sloan. That is, unless you can find the powder locally. Have you tried unsanded grout added to regular paint? I used it on to redo my kitchen cabinets.

The table turned out beautiful I am so glad that you kept the burled wood top as it is gorgeous I have just used ASCP with great results. Years and years ago, I bought cabinet and they used the powdered chalk paint as it was the only way it came..

Hi Gayle, I just saw this powder being sold at the Fancy Flea and it is great to hear your review. I was wondering if the ingredients are listed.

Thanks for linking to the Open House party. Now that turned out gorgeous! I never heard of that stuff, but will certainly have to try it sometime! Thanks for all the useful info If this was to be a cost effective alternative to ASP, it failed. I will stick with ASP! Hi - Thanks for your review. I've been using non-sanded grout and making my own chalk paint for quite a while. The mixing insructions are exactly identical to that for the non-sanded grout and therefore makes me wonder if they are packaging the identical product.

Are the ingredients listed. I purchased a 10 lb. Just wondering. Mary Orphans With MakeUp. You did such a great job of showing how things worked, comparing mixing it, the effectiveness and the cost, excellent tutorial much appreciated. I have a question that I need an answer to: I bought a 4.

I have no idea how long it had been open but thought I didn't have much to lose by trying it. Was lucky to find colors I liked. Guess I answered my own? I'll just keep using it til I feel like it's not working right. I had to keep the cost down so thought trying this would be worth it and it has been. When I have a project now I go to the reject paint spot at Lowe's. I've gotten some nice spray paint in their brand also.

I love furniture that has a painted base and a wood top! You did such a fabulous job and it definitely looks better than before. Thanks for the tips! I've been trying chalk paint made from latex and baking soda, it works really well!! Have a great weekend :. Awesome post! Thanx for the very clear info and the pics. They've kept me from having so many cans of paint colors I may never use again! I love and use ASCP but I did once sucessfully make my own chalk paint using powdered Calcium Carbonate which I purchased at a health food store in the vitamin dept.

I have read that it can be purchased pretty inexpensively in larger quantities from big box stores but haven't really tried to find it beyond looking at my local Home Depot.

It might be more easily found online perhaps Amazon. You could probably save some more bucks by looking into that. I love how your table turned out - it does make it blend into the room better now. And I love the burled top, so I'm glad you left it. Since I only just tried my very first chalk paint this week, I was glad to find your post about it - it feels like I'm finally know what everyone has been talking about.

I'm going to work on my aging technique, so I'm glad you mentioned with grit of sandpaper you used. Perfect timing!

Oh, how pretty your table is! I love that you left that pretty burled wooden top too. I have to confess, I've never used chalk paint. I hear folks say it's so easy! Thank you for showing us just how to use it. I also wanted to thank you for popping in to Cindy's blog and touring my home.

I was so honored Cindy asked me. I think the table turned out great. I love natural tops with painted bases. You did a great job and thanks for telling us about this new product. Thank you very much for blogging about our product.

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