What secret did brandi expose about adrienne

what secret did brandi expose about adrienne

What did Brandi say about Adrienne in RHOBH?

Jun 11, In , Brandi revealed on her Unfiltered podcast that Lisa set the whole thing up so that Brandi would reveal Adriennes secret while Bravo was shooting the episode. Lisa Vanderpump is a manipulative person and when I was on the show I did a lot of dirty work for her, Brandi lovesdatme.com: Gina Vaynshteyn. Jun 13, In Brandi claimed Lisa to be a dirty person and whatever happened was set by her, So that Brandi reveals Adriennes secret out. She Lisa Vanderpump is a very manipulative woman and she had made Brandi do many dirty things. She parted ways from the show and since then she has made many guest lovesdatme.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

This was after Adrienne had said sorry to Lisa Vanderpump. Things seemed to calmed down, but then the next episode showed Brandi talking crap about Adrienne at a dinner party at Sur with some of the other ladies. We only knew, based on the shocked faces of the other women, that the secret was pretty brandu. We now know that Brandi told everyone that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her twin sons, Christian and Colin.

Although Adrienne was naturally pregnant with and gave birth to her son Gavin, according to The Daily Mailshe had a hard, complex pregnancyand decided to use a surrogate the second time around which is honestly nothing to be ashamed of! But the fact is that Adrienne wanted to keep that information private, and Brandi violated her privacy in a big, unforgivable way. After that whole fiasco, suddenly super negative headlines about Brandi started to appear on tabloid magazines, mainly about how what secret did brandi expose about adrienne of a mother Brandi is.

Adrienne also said she had nothing to do with the tabloid stories, but hey, you never know. Brandi took away something so previous from our family. Adrienne exposf believes that Brandi played a big part in her how to create dsn for mysql from Paul. We all knew it already. She would always lie about it. She was let go from Real Housewives back inbut has made guest appearances here and there.

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Jan 24, Ever since Bravo bleeped out the big bombshell Brandi Glanville dropped about Adrienne Maloof on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we've been wondering, pondering, speculating, and guessing what exactly it was she lovesdatme.com thought we knew, but weren't quite sure as Bravo and all of the Housewives have been uncharacteristically quiet about the whole deal. Nov 25, Whatever Brandi said previously was referred to as a deep, dark secret about Adrienne's family. Adrienne and her then-husband Paul immediately confronted . Dec 12, Also featured are captions Adrienne and Paul confront Brandi, out of control anger, Brandis dinner bomb, and Brandi and Adrienne from BFFs to Enemies. But it doesnt end there. Maloof did not release a new blog this week, so far. But Kim Richards did release one entitled something Adrienne needed to know.

The saga of Adrienne Maloof vs. Several sources have leaked that Brandi revealed the truth about Adrienne's children carried by surrogates and possibly resulting from another woman's egg. In a new Us Weekly article sources come forward to shed light on one of the most dramatic feuds in the franchise's history. Last year when the tumultuous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes began to air, Adrienne told the magazine: " Brandi can be an instigator.

She always seems to be picking on someone, and I guess this season that person is me. Adrienne also claims that Brandi bringing her children into the situation and onto the show for that matter was very uncalled for. The magazine reports that following pregnancy complications with eldest son Gavin now 9 , Adrienne opted to use a surrogate for her twins, Christian and Colin , 6. When the cast took a weekend to trip to Ojai the ladies talked about labor and delivery and Adrienne is heard revealing she had difficult labors with both pregnancies and discussing her labor process she revealed that she delivered via C-Section.

Adrienne felt Brandi goaded her into making those remarks only so she could make an example of her later. The big question remains: why would Adrienne lie? After all plenty of women use surrogates including co-star and friend Camille Grammer!

A friend of Adrienne's reveals that Adrienne was advised by a child psychologist to keep the surrogacy a secret from her children until they were old enough to understand. Adrienne's surrogate is a close friend of the family. Adrienne "barely even talks about her kids on television. She's all about her business on the show," the source shares. The source also defends pals like Faye Resnick for adamantly speaking up on Adrienne's behalf.

Many wonder why Brandi wanted to expose Adrienne's "personal secret. Brandi also continues insisting Adrienne has done horrible things to her. The secret is revealed below! She believes Brandi's motives are self-serving.

As a result of Brandi's slip Adrienne took legal action. Her lawyers issued a cease-and-desist letter to Brandi immediately and demanded Bravo omit the reveal from the show or face legal action.

As a result of Brandi exposing a personal family matter, Adrienne "pulled back from being on the show so much.

They don't speak. There is no way they'll ever be friends again. While Adrienne and Brandi have officially severed their friendship, Brandi has made amends with Paul Nassif! Brandi revealed that Paul apologized to her for the legal action and they maintain a friendly relationship.

As a result of all the drama Brandi continues to defend herself. She claims Adrienne tried to get her fired and nearly succeeded for defending Lisa Vanderpump and speaking out against her on last season's reunion. But if Bravo tells her to film with Adrienne she will put this behind her.

The source says that Adrienne was allegedly behind the slew of negative press Brandi got over the summer and that Adrienne intentionally planted untrue stories about her in media outlets to disparage her reputation like accusing her of using drugs and abusing alcohol or ignoring her children thus hurting her relationship with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and their custody situation.

Following Adrienne's behavior Brandi "began compiling things she knew Adrienne lied about. Brandi was mad, so she bit back. And she is continuing to bite back! I was simply protecting my own. The Huffington Post's Rob Shuter also claims Brandi had no idea this cover story was coming out and she is furious! So that's quite the break-down. Also, chiming in on the mess is Kyle Richards. In a new interview Kyle shares her perspective on all the drama and believes viewers would have a different reaction if they knew the truth!

What was taken out, and what Brandi said, paints a very different image than what we were all feeling at the time," Kyle told All Things Real Housewives. Follow Us:. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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